Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1882, FLSmidth (Frederik Læssøe Smidth) is a global company providing innovative engineering, equipment and service solutions to the global mining and cement industries. FLSmidth, one of the strongest companies in Denmark, provides support to its customers on very basic issues such as performance improvement, cost reduction and environmental impact reduction. FLSmidth is a global company with a presence in more than 60 countries that provides sustainable productivity to the mining and cement sectors.

FLSmidth owes its success over 140 years to its innovative approach. To be able to achieve their technological goals, the company works with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Continuing to work in the mining and cement industry, the Danish company develops sophisticated engineering solutions, but collaborates with AWS to advance in the field of digital technology. One of FLSmidth's most acclaimed projects is MissionZero. The aim of this project is to achieve zero emissions and zero waste in cement production and mining by 2030.


“With MissionZero, we seek to accelerate the use of technology and knowledge to enable our customers to produce cement and process minerals with zero environmental impact,” declares Thomas Schulz, CEO of FLSmidth. A key factor enabling FLSmidth to accelerate the MissionZero initiative is deploying Barracuda Virtual Reactor, a physics-based engineering software package from AWS Partner CPFD Software (CPFD). Barracuda Virtual Reactor, which is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) high-performance computing (HPC), allows FLSmidth to run simulations that are important to refining its cement processes more effectively.

“Using Virtual Reactor, we’ve explored a wider range of possibilities than we ever could have considered using physical testing for scaling up to industrial size. AWS gave us speed, scalability, and flexibility in our simulations.” says Rüdiger Zollondz, Vice President of Innovation and R&D, FLSmidth. “The digitalization technology enables us to optimise the energy efficiency and emissions of our cement technologies while also minimizing our overall carbon footprint.” adds Zollondz. 

Benefits of AWS:

- Easy to use
- Flexibility
- Unlimited server capacity
- Tapped virtually unlimited compute capacity
- Reduced simulation project time frames from months to days
- Reliable security and encryption
- Cost-effective
- Diverse array of tools
- Enabled broader R&D exploration into bold environmental solutions
- On-demand access to the latest NVIDIA GPU technology

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