Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, most of the companies started to work from home. This new “regular” caused radical changes within our communication in our business lives. During this process, a huge increase of user numbers in Microsoft Teams application is observed. Microsoft Teams is an online communication application/platform that supports the new online working process. Teams is not only used for internal communication of remote workers but also used for virtual trainings –remote education. But what exactly is Microsoft Teams, the online platform preferred by more than 330.000 companies worldwide?

Microsoft Teams Panel View
*Microsoft Teams Panel View

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365-based online communication center that offers online meetings, team chats, private messages and calls. This online communication platform has the necessary security requirements to keep your company information private. So don’t worry; you can count on Microsoft Teams for compatibility, transparency, and security.

Microsoft Teams offers you much more than just chatting. The online communication platform, Microsoft Teams includes features that support online private or team chat for people with vision problems, limited hand skills, or other disabilities. You can create online chat channels and rooms within your team. When you want to organize a face-to-face meeting, you can start a video or voice chat with the other participants with just a single click.

Your meetings in Teams make your online meeting experiences much more easier. When you create an online meeting, you can start chatting with the participants, share the files you want them to review, and follow the meeting notes and files. When you want to share a file, simply upload the file to the chat. And don’t worry if you miss your online meeting; you can always catch up with the online meeting records. You can access the meeting records from the same tab! 

Thanks to the online communication platform, Microsoft Teams, the era of getting lost between your emails has also been closed. Thanks to the easy and regular chat structure, all the responses you receive during your calls will not be displayed as an e-mail. So that, you don’t have to try to catch up with heavy email traffic.

You can also create a Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint document with Teams and share the documents that you’ve created with your colleagues immediately or you can make changes to your documents as well.

With the Microsoft Teams mobile app, you can access all your apps and documents instantly. You can easily respond to your chats and join meetings with one click. You won’t miss a thing, stay online with the Teams mobile app, even when you're on the move.

With the features of the online communication platform, Microsoft supports its users to work more efficiently in mobile and cloud environments as well. With your team, you can discover the privileges of Microsoft Teams and increase your efficiency & skills in your home office working period. Learn how to organize your internal staff meetings and conduct conversations on the online communication platform Microsoft Teams with our online-virtual Microsoft Teams trainings!

In this challenging process that we are experiencing, the most demanded virtual Microsoft Teams trainings are;
-Microsoft Teams Essentials
-Managing Microsoft Teams
-Microsoft Teams: Owning The Team

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