New York Airport were attacked by Ransomware over Christmas!

According to officials, New York Airport and its computing management provider were attacked by Ransomware. The attack discovered on Christmas day encrypted administrative files such as budget tables. The attack did not affect operations on Albany International Airport, TSA or airline computers. Officials at the Albany County Airport Authority announced Thursday that the attack came to light after Schenectady-based LogicalNet reported its own management services network had been breached. Airport Authorities are reported to have accepted Bitcoin (under six figures) ransom payment. On December 30, an encryption key was received that allowed data to be restored 2 hours after the ransom was paid.

Airport CEO Philip Calderone has announced that they have terminated their contract with LogicalNet. According to the remarks to Calderone, the terminated contract had to secure the airport system. LogicalNet has not made a statement on the subject.

Authorities reported that The New York State Cyber Command and the FBI have been informed of the attack. Sodinokibi, the same ransomware type, was also used in an attack on London-based Travelex, a worldwide currency services provider on New Year's Eve.

How do firms remain safe against the constant threat of cyber-attacks?

1.    Perfect storm of cyber-security

Old systems have become more vulnerable to progress as a result of continuous developments in the cyber industry. Failure to accurately detect threats means we open our doors to bigger disasters. New technology is being implemented quicker than it can be secured, and many systems are just an open invitation to malicious attacks. The best example of this is the speed at which IoT has expanded. The IoT  will help employers in organizations make better decisions based on real-time data. However, if the fed data is incorrect or somehow altered, the results may differ greatly. You can keep your system safe against malicious hackers with white hat hackers . Ethical Hackers know how to find and exploit vulnerabilities in various systems, such as malicious hackers. And they protect your company against undesirable situations. Also; you will also need security software developers while protecting your company's data. Security software developer  is the person who develops security software, but also integrates security into software during design and development. During the Advanced Software Security  training provided by our institution, you can learn the cheats, techniques and how to alleviate them.

2. Security convergence

Security convergence is physical and information security  functions complain within businesses. Both security functions are integral parts of a consistent risk management plan. Information Security managers are professionals responsible for monitoring potential security breaches. They formulate security measures applied to protect the organization's security infrastructure against continuous cyber-attacks.

3. Cultural changes

Many organizations increase their security measures and the result of security measures, cultural concerns around them become changed. The perception of physical security personnel as blue-collar, the misconception that the IT security industry is whiter, needs to be changed.
Due to this false perception, a division occurs within the workforce. This has the potential to be the biggest threat to a security system. There is a need to bridge the gap between physical and IT security and view it as a single entity. Information security managers will ensure this. The information security manager is the manager responsible for creating and maintaining corporate vision, strategy and program to ensure adequate protection of information assets and technologies.  Like, C | CISSP , CISM, CISA  trainings are suitable for security management roles. With these outstanding security leadership certificates, you will select the best strategies while ensuring system security.

4. Insider threat

46 percent of the most costly cybercrime is committed from within the companies. This should be emphasized how important it is to detect, reduce and prevent attacks from inside. The size of an airport poses the first problem. Many people use the airport, from passengers to subcontractors, construction workers, lapels and airline workers. In addition, airports have multiple access points, which means that with a rapid infiltration the system can be easily collapsed. Software developers and network engineers would to assume all risks. Incident Handler actively monitors systems and networks against attacks, identifying security flaws and vulnerabilities, security audits is an expert in risk analysis, network forensics and penetration testing. A network engineer is an expert on technology with the skills to plan, implement, and control computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video, and wireless network services.

When we see that even firms like New York Airport, Travelex surrender against hackers, we understand how vital security measures are. What is certain is that in 2020, the importance given to cyber security measures will increase even more. If you don't want to fall behind the Cyber Security measures and want your company to become more protected, take a look at our Cyber Security trainings !


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