The widespread use of digital platforms and increased internet access had a strong impact on people and their daily lives. The first instances that may come to mind are the transition from traditional commerce to e-commerce, the transition from standard marketing methods to digital marketing, interactive online business platforms and start-ups. Another important and rapidly popular application is online training and courses. Rapid spread of online trainings almost challenge the traditional classroom training method. Online trainings are not only limited to universities, but from primary school education programs to development courses can be taken online in virtual environment. The online training trend, which has risen with the technological developments, has become a huge competitor to traditional classroom trainings with the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation that we are in. So what were the reasons why online trainings were so preferable before calls to "stay home"?

One of the most important reasons contributing to the transition from traditional training to online training in virtual classrooms is financial factors. It can be counted as one of these financial factors due to the financial crisis and economic recession that hit the USA and then all developed markets after 2007-2008 period. Following this large-scale economic crisis, both manufacturers and consumers have turned towards lower-cost and innovative alternatives in many areas, including education. This alternative in the field of education was the online training method. For example; when a company organizes an IT training for the development of its employees, it must also consider the costs such as travel and accommodation. In the trainings that they will organize in their own companies, there will be the expenses that the trainer will spend to reach their facilities. However, in online training method, there are no such additional costs. This becomes much more profitable both for Human Resources and Training Department employees who organize training plans for IT staff who will attend the training.

Another factor that contributes to the rise of online learning in the virtual environment is technological developments as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. In the digital transformation process, which is progressing due to the development of technology, people try to keep up with the pace of the changes, and thus the demand for trainings and “reinforcement of trainings” is increasing. A simple computer or a telephone application that offers virtual/online training to its users in online classrooms can now be a more efficient and useful educational tool than a traditional classroom training. You can reinforce what you learn in an online training with the record of the training that will be send to you at the end of your training. The bloggers at the Huffington Post confirmed this trend in trainings and stated that many people turned to online training.

What about now? The online training industry has been experiencing an incredible rise since March 2020, and the reason for this trend is unfortunately a worldwide pandemic. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which first appeared in China and spread all over the world in a short time, calls are made to stay at home to stop the spread of the pandemic. On these days that we all need to stay at home for our health, we switched from home office working. Many pioneer and leader companies in their sector moved their already planned trainings to online trainings, for the development of their employees. In order to facilitate this process of their employees who are not familiar with remote working order, they also include trainings such as productive homevworking and using online communication tools. Unfortunately, it is not clear how long this process will take. So why would you postpone your employees' development processes to an uncertain date?

The online training trend, which has already started many years ago in the world, spreads much faster during the pandemic process. Primary school, middle school, universities continue their semester with online trainings in virtual classrooms, meetings are held through online platforms. Being able to attend training in the comfort of your own home has become a great convenience for everyone. You don't have to postpone your training plans and career goals. You can continue climbing your career steps by participating in an online training in the comfort of your home, and evaluate your time at home online!

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