The development and innovations cause changes in all fields of life. One of those is training method. Technological improvements direct us to virtual training method. However in the current situation, the pandemic process also supported us to adapt virtual training.

Today, increasing number of companies benefit from virtual trainings for improving their employees’ skills and to follow the latest developments. Attending a virtual training is time spent improving your talents and skills and investing yourself. Instead of urban traffic or making travel plans, you attend virtual training from wherever and whenever you have an internet connectivity.  However in order to be successful, it is necessary to create a virtual training strategy. So what kind of virtual training strategy should you develop?
      Communicate with others
It is easy to communicate with the trainer and other participants in a face to face training. Communicating in a virtual environment can be more difficult. Your experienced trainer will interact with you and other participants. However you should act and feel like in a classroom training. For example;Join the platform and wait as ready before training starts, don’t be afraid to ask question, just like in a classroom training!

      Choose a place where you can concentrate 
In virtual trainings, you are not physically in a classroom with the trainer and other participants. But you should prefer a place where you can concentrate for your virtual trainings. This can be an office, a common area for working or your home. You should feel like you are in a real classroom training. Feeling comfortable in your training environment will increase your productivity in training.
      Test before virtual training
To avoid problems during the training, check your system before training.  Do your system tests and create the necessary accounts. Before the training, test your virtual platform, lab environment, camera and sound system. Preparing everything you need will increase your efficiency during the training. So you can easily focus on the training. You can practise a pre-test with Bilginç Virtual Team, to improve your training quality. 

      Get ready for training
Before your virtual training starts, prepare activities for yourself. For example; watch a video about using the training platform or read something about training subject. With these ways, you can prepare your mind for participation and interaction. 

      Stay focused
Unlike your habits, being a different place than the classroom environment can misleads you. But in virtual training, you should behave like classroom training. Turn off your phone, social media accounts and e-mail to get your attention. Focus on the virtual training, as if you are in a classroom completely. Enhance a self-discipline.

      Maximize your motivation
You spend effort on virtual training like classroom training. Prepare the area that you attend the training to increase your motivation. Organize your mind and be goal-oriented.
In the home office process maximize your productivity and success with the advantage of virtual training. You can follow the steps that mentioned above to increase your success in virtual trainings.

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