Cyber Security and The Automotive Industry

At the end of 2019, BMW announces a considerable investment in a cybersecurity company called Claroty. As one of the earliest adopters of the latest technologies, BMW is also used to cyber attacks against global automotive giants. Of course, BMW is not the only company that attaches importance to cyber security studies in the automotive industry. One of the reasons why cyber security is so important for the automotive industry is that the technological features of cars are increasing day by day such as the launch of car types that can be remotely controlled, work with voice commands and can be driven with artificial intelligence.

Certainly, the need for cybersecurity is not only related to the technological features of cars. Today, every company is constantly faced with attack threats from hackers. For this reason, company employees need to be aware of cyber attacks and act with cyber security awareness from mail systems to database works. The security of manufacturing factories is additionally a developing concern.


Automotive companies must combine security expertise with experience of the automotive industry and manufacturing, to be able to protect themselves from cyber attacks. 

Why is automotive cyber security important?

1. Every system on our vehicles, including steering, brakes, and the engine itself, is monitored and controlled by computers. That being the case, cybersecurity in the automotive industry is vital. Hackers can steal data or even take control of a car if the computer systems aren't properly protected.
2. Reputation damage is also a potential outcome from any leak of sensitive customer information.
3. Damages resulting from a cybersecurity attack can be costly and damaging to a company. As a result, the advantages of investing in cyber security trainings outweigh the cost of a data breach or leak. Loss of clients and lawsuits are very tiring and costly for every company.
4. Cybersecurity is not a temporary problem. As technology continues to be in our lives, so will cybersecurity. We can even say that with the increasing power of technology, cyber attacks have increased their effects. Therefore, cybersecurity is a very important investment in the automotive industry, as in most other industries.


What is cybersecurity training specific to the automotive industry?

Cyber security courses and certifications are a success indicator that every employee wants to add to their CV and every employer cares about. However, the knowledge that a bank employee should acquire in the field of cyber security will not be the same as that of a mobile application developer or pharmaceutical industry employee. For this reason, as Bilginç IT Academy, we attach great importance to our sector-specific training content. While improving themselves in cyber security, it is extremely important for the automotive industry employees to be prepared for the problems they will encounter in real life by receiving special content trainings from trainers with industry experience, as well as obtaining internationally valid certificates. If you want to meet our special training content for the automotive industry and organize closed group trainings in your company, contact us today.


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