Kali Linux is very popular today, especially among penetration testers. If you are new to Kali Linux, and if you don't know what Kali Linux is, this blog post is for you!

Created by the creators of BackTrack in 2013, Kali is Linux's security control operating system that is created for cybersecurity. Kali Linux, a Debian-based Linux distribution, is mostly used for test environments. There are different categories and tools for Kali Linux, which software developers frequently use as well as Penetration Tests and Cyber Security Specialists. Among the categories and tools customized for Kali Linux, you can find:

- Information Gathering,

- Forensics,

- Reporting Tools,

- Web Applications,

- Wireless Attacks,

- Vulnerability Analysis,

- Password Tools,

- Reverse Engineering,

- Stress Testing

This Linux-distribution; Kali Linux, which has many different tools, is generally used for testing. Kali Linux, which is widely used in the cybersecurity field, is so popular that we came across with the Kali Linux logo in the American series Mr. Robot!



*The scene where the Kali Linux logo appears in Mr. Robot

You can use the Kali operating system more effectively by learning Kali Linux, which is very popular around the world. By enrolling in our Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK) training, you can learn practically the advanced knowledge of Kali Linux and the installation of Kali Linux, which cyber security experts use in important security areas such as penetration testing. You can contact us for Kali Linux trainings as well as all other Linux trainings!


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