Adobe Photoshop Elements Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: From $701+VAT
  • We can host this training at your preferred location. Contact us!

This one-day course covers some of the basic and more commonly used features of Adobe Photoshop Elements so that attendees can navigate the software and use the provided tools to work with digital images.

This course is suitable for anyone using Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, 14 or 15. If using Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC, you should book the 'Adobe Photoshop Essentials (QAPSINTC)' instead.

Delegates do not need any experience of digital imaging or photography as anything that is required will be covered by the course.

However, all delegates should have basic computer skills and know how to launch applications, browse to locate files and have good keyboard and mouse skills.

  • Navigate their way around the Photoshop Elements and image environment
  • Understand image size and resolution
  • Be able to work in Elements’ Quick, Guided and Expert modes
  • Create and modify selections
  • Work with layers, layer groups, styles and blending modes
  • Use common image retouching tools and filters
  • Output images from Photoshop Elements

Module 1: Getting started with Photoshop Elements

  • The Photoshop Elements interface
  • Quick, Guided and Expert modes
  • Zooming and navigating around an image

Module 2: Image basics

  • Image size and resolution
  • Rotating and straightening images
  • Cropping

Module 3: Selections

  • The Marquee and Lasso tools
  • The Quick Selection tools
  • Refining a selection

Module 4: Layers

  • Combining images using layers
  • Creating and managing layers
  • Transforming layers
  • Fill and adjustment layers
  • Layer masks
  • Layer styles
  • The Type Tool

Module 5: Retouching tools

  • The Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • The Smart Brush Tool
  • Content-Aware Fill

Module 6: Outputting from Photoshop Elements

  • Sharpening images
  • Exporting other file types

When delivered in a QA training centre, this course will be delivered using PCs. Events can be delivered on Apple Macs by request.

Contact us for more detail about our trainings and for all other enquiries!

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