AI Awareness for Telecoms Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 2 Days
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The telecommunications industry has left behind the days when it only offered telephone and internet services. The sector, which continues to grow in terms of technology, has gained a different dimension with the effect of 5G and IoT. These technologies, which provide tangible success, are vital for the telecom industry, which frequently uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve the problems encountered in this process.

In addition to applications and services created using artificial intelligence, advanced operations in areas such as maintenance and network optimization are among the main reasons why telecommunications companies frequently resort to artificial intelligence technology.

In this 2-day training, participants will become acquainted with the various technologies that make up artificial intelligence and the skills required to use these technologies. During the training, the participants, who will examine real-life examples of how artificial intelligence is used in the telecom industry, will also gain knowledge in the fields of machine learning, automation, IoT and cloud computing.

It is recommended that participants have a general knowledge of the telecommunications industry, network structures and programming technologies.

  • Network engineers
  • Network operations personnel
  • Telecom technical managers and other telecom sector employees


Use cases and opportunities for Telecom providers

What makes up AI?

Computer Vision, Natural Language Procession (NLP), Voice Recognition, etc.

Data as the Oil of AI

How Probability and Statistics Drive AI

The Programming Language Skills Needed for AI

Understanding Machine Learning

Applying Machine Learning Libraries to Develop Intelligent Systems

The Data Processing Engines Behind Data Analysis

Using Rules Engines and Expert Systems to Make Decisions

Advanced Approaches to Machine Learning: Deep Learning

Exercise: Predicting Network Failures with Machine Learning

How AI drives IoT and the Applications for IoT in Telecom

Handling Greater Volumes of Data with Cloud Technologies

Automation Technologies and Approaches for Telecom

Bringing it All Together

Use cases and opportunities for Telecom providers

The Low-hanging Fruit for Telecom Companies

Planning and Communicating an AI Strategy

Summary and Conclusion

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