Certified Network Cable Installer - Copper Cabling Training

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  • Duration: 5 Days
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Demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and competency in network cable infrastructure. Undertake copper and fibre cabling installation, termination and testing to the highest quality whilst complying to industry best practice and standards to ensure a right first-time approach.

The CNCI® certification is awarded on successful completion of both the CNCI® Copper Cabling and the CNCI® Optical Fibre Cabling programs.

The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) has become the industry preferred certification for network cable installation and is specified as a requirement on many job profiles and installation project contracts. In addition, manufacturers, major installation companies, associations and consultants endorse the certification knowing that it provides the right level of technical knowledge, competence and confidence to the industry. In recognition of the CNCI® certification many manufacturers also award accreditations towards their product warranties.

The CNCI® program blends a perfect mix of technical knowledge and practical activities for both copper and fibre component installation. Official CNCI® certification proves that an individual is certified to undertake network cable infrastructure projects to the highest calibre whilst working to the current national and international industry standards and industry best practice. During the program learners will be provided a valuable opportunity to access the latest industry standards.

Having successfully completed this program, and with the appropriate level of experience, it is highly recommended that you continue your professional development by advancing your knowledge and skills to gain further official certifications and qualifications by progressing through The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which maps education programs to career advancement throughout the network infrastructure and data centre sectors.

The CNCI® program is led by CNet’s expert Instructors.

No previous experience is required to attend this program, however if you are working in the network infrastructure industry, it will prove advantageous.

Successful learners will have the knowledge and skills to confidently install, test and certify a complete copper cable installation. This forms part of the entry level requirement into the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which allows learners to progress their knowledge, education and skills in line with their career within these fast moving industries.

If you are entering the industry or looking to formalise your skills with an industry recognised qualification and gain units towards the official CNCI® certification, this program, combined with the CNCI® Optical Fibre Cabling program is perfect for you.

  • Introduction to Structured Cabling

    Cable media types

    Network topologies


    LAN Hardware

    PCs, switches, routers

    Installing Structured Cabling

    National and international standards

    Interpreting drawings

    Risk evaluation

    Working in containment routes

    Cable installation, cable termination

    Tool and equipment selection

    Network Overview

    What is a network?

    Characteristics of a network

    Resource sharing

    Signal Theory

    Electrical principals

    DC current principals

    Analogue v digital

    Health & Safety


    Workplace risk

    Electrical safety

    Working at heights

    Working in confined spaces


    Why standards?

    Standards bodies BSI, ISO, CENELEC, TIA/EIA

    Relationships between standards

    Categories and classes

    Fire Safety

    Why fire stop?

    Types of fire stopping

    Three pillars of fire stopping

    Construction Product Regulations (CPR)

    Documentation & Labelling

    Floor plans

    Naming conventions



    Testing & Commissioning

    Continuity testing

    Certification/acceptance testing

    Level IV testing

    Saving of results to database

    O&M manuals


    Patch cord manufacture

    Cable installation

    Termination techniques UTP/STP

    Patch panel/outlet termination, Cat 5e/Cat6

    Fluke CCTT (Copper)

    Copper certification (DSX)

    Set up DSX

    Test using DSX


    Test standards/limits

    DSX Diagnostics


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