Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM®) Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Level: Fundamentals
  • Price: From €1,683+VAT
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Develop the knowledge and skills to define, initiate, deliver and close a complex telecommunications project, in time, on budget, and to the highest quality specifications.

Successful projects depend on highly trained and multi-skilled project managers equipped with the ability to communicate, plan and execute strategic project decisions and manage situations that have the potential to adversely impact progress. A successful project manager can develop and maintain a structured approach to delivering project processes effectively and with repeatability and scalability.

The Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM®) program equips learners with the skills and confidence to develop an end-to-end project implementation plan based on a multi-faceted campus telecommunications project.

CTPM® is based on the global standards for project management and adds technical input from programs within The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework. This combination delivers a unique project management education program designed specifically for the fast-paced world of telecommunications design and implementation.

Learners complete eight assignments that are assessed individually and combine to create the project management plan portfolio:

A certified CTPM® also considers the requirements for compliance, having a full understanding of national and international regulations, codes of practice and standards.

Following this program, you are encouraged to continue your professional development by advancing your knowledge and skills to gain further official certifications and qualifications by progressing through The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which maps education programs to career advancement throughout the network infrastructure and data centre sectors.

Experience in telecommunications projects within a data centre or enterprise network environment would be an advantage.

Learners will be taken on a journey through the end-to-end project management cycle, taking the opportunity to explore and appreciate the worth of repeatable project processes and gaining valuable experience in the application of project management tools. Learners are given the opportunity to apply this knowledge and understanding to take a complex telecommunications project to the next level, preparing and delivering the project management plan.

Project Management

What is a Project?

Defining Project constraints

Roles of a Project Manager

Overview of Project documentation

Integration Management

Combining Project areas

Producing the Project plan

Planning the execution

Mastering change control

Scope Management

Defining the scope

Producing the scope of works

Verification of scope

Preventing scope creep with effective change control

Quality Management

Quality concepts

Quality definition

Quality control

Quality planning

Quality assurance

Risk Management

Defining risk

Risk Identification

Quantifying risk

Developing risk responses

Devising risk response controls

Human Resource Management

Organisational planning

Leading teams

The psychology of teams

Team development

Motivating teams

Time Management

Defining the tasks

Task estimation

Scheduling tasks

Resource Allocation

Cost Management

Resource planning

Cost Estimating

Cost budgeting

Cost control

Use of budgeting tools

Communications Management

Developing communication strategies

Conflict resolution

Stakeholder analysis

Communications planning

Effective information distribution

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