Cloud Computing Foundation Training

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  • Duration: 2 Days
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The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation certificate requires an overview of the field of cloud computing and its relationship with other areas of information management. The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation course is preparation for the certification exam and covers the fundamental concepts of Cloud computing and understanding of the architecture, design, deployment of Cloud computing and its incorporation in the organization. Deliveries of this course include HP specific Cloud content, accredited by EXIN, which is not available from any other vendor delivering this course.


  • EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is intended for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of internet based services. This includes staff from internal and external service providers, their customers, managers and auditors.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain what cloud computing is
  • Describe the main concepts from which cloud computing has developed
  • Describe the Service Oriented Architecture and its relationship to cloud computing
  • Identify the main drivers and limitations of cloud computing
  • Describe the benefits and components of a local cloud environment
  • Explain the levels of service management in a cloud environment
  • Describe how to access cloud services
  • Describe how cloud computing impacts business processes
  • Identify benefits and risks of providing cloud services
  • Describe security, privacy, and compliance issues in the cloud environment
  • Describe costs and benefits of a cloud environment
  • Describe how to evaluate potential cloud solutions

Module 0: Introduction

Module 1: The Principles of Cloud Computing

  • The Concept of Cloud Computing
  • The Evolution Toward Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Benefits and Limitations of Cloud Computing

Module 2: Implementing and Managing Cloud Computing

  • Building a Local Cloud Environment
  • Managing Cloud Services

Module 3: Using the Cloud

  • Overview of Accessing the Cloud
  • How Cloud Computing Can Support Business Processes
  • Service Providers Using the Cloud

Module 4: Security and Compliance

  • Security Risks and Mitigating Measures
  • Managing Identity and Privacy

Module 5: The Business Case

  • The Business Case for Cloud Computing
  • Evaluating Implementations

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