Digital Leadership & Transformation: Leveraging Digital for Top-Line Growth Training

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The perfect digital business seamlessly interacts with the customer to the extent that the interaction itself is invisible. Simplicity and ease of customer experience differentiates leading digital compa-nies from legacy businesses. Creating the cultural, technical and operational credentials for digital success takes focus, sensitivity, but most important of all, determination. It requires a change of mindset at the heart of the company.

Central to digital transformation is understanding the business opportunity in the context of the re-lationship between the business, the customer and the marketplace. From this, a clear view of the strategic ambition should become evident; growth is about demand, and demand is about having something that people want to buy. The marketplace is saturated with goods and services, many of which are essentially similar, and have been for many years; successful digital offerings reinvent traditional goods and services with a digital experience overlaid so reducing the level of customer friction, ideally to zero. Digital transformation aims to create the simplest and highest level of cus-tomer experience, regardless of channel.

Undertaken properly, digital offers businesses the potential to achieve cost savings, efficiencies and improve brand awareness, ultimately driving the top-line. These are developments that no senior executive can afford to ignore, inside or outside of organisations. Gaining a strong understanding of the core concepts, during what remain the relatively early stages of digital adoption, will provide material advantage to anyone involved in the space.

At its core, this course provides a solid introduction to digital and transformation frameworks. Starting from first principles, the course approaches digital from a number of different perspectives providing foundational knowledge that will enable delegates to assess digital strategies, allowing them to identify those organisations executing strategies which offer the highest probability of success.

There is no any prerequisites.

  • What is digital and why is it important?
  • Objectives
    • What does digital transformation mean?
    • What kind of challenges exist in digital transformation?
    • How can enterprises tackle the challenges in digital transformation?
  • High level case studies
  • Workshop and exercises


  • How organisations work and examples
  • Front to back - business process flows & making money - goods & services
  • Technology architecture - core components
  • The traditional customer interaction
  • Customer Relationship Management, Mobile and Online
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Customer Journeys and Digital Journeys - Sector Overview
  • What stops a legacy organisation from being a digital organisation?
  • Technology Baseline - How technology happens.


  • Digital Transformation Defined
  • Digital transformation as a concept; literature review
  • Organisational vs. Sector Wide / Internal vs. External
  • Components of Digital Transformation
    • Customer Experience
    • Operational Processes
    • Business Model
  • Social Media and Digital Brand
  • Measuring success and customer interaction
  • What does good look like; exemplar companies
  • Digital Thought Leadership
  • Fostering and Sustaining Cultural Change in Digital Companies
    • Digital companies do things differently - why and how?

Challenges in Digital Transformation - Business, Technology and Digital Strategy

  • What the data indicates
  • Successful companies and why?
  • Business strategy and IT
  • Business and IT Alignment
  • Challenges in Achieving Business-IT Alignment
  • Integrating Business, Technology and Digital Strategies
  • Addressing the Challenges of Digital Transformation
  • Measuring returns - Digital Innovation and the impact on Business Transformation

Enterprise Architecture

  • Enterprise Architecture Explained
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • Benefits of Enterprise Architectures
  • Business strategy and IT
  • Linking Architecture with Business Strategy
  • User Experience and Customer Journeys

Technology Governance in Digital Organisations

  • Governance Defined
  • Portfolio Baseline and Managing Digital Business
  • Run vs. Change
  • Digital Risk Management
  • Cyber Security - Essential Principles
  • Project and programme portfolios
  • Traditional vs. agile/digital methodologies

Case Study - Workshop Session I

  • Leveraging Data Science and Data Analytics for Leadership Development
  • Principles of Digital Analytics
  • Digital Analytics Lifecycle - Measure, Analyse, Visualise, Interpret
  • Data Analytics Technologies
  • Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Neural computing
  • Visual analytics

Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation

  • The Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Integrating Emerging Technologies with Digital Strategies
  • Case Study - Workshop Session II


  • Where next for digital?
  • Vision and opportunities
  • Barriers

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