IMS and PCC System Engineering Training

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With the advent of technologies such as LTE and 5G, next generation services and charging are now being controlled by IMS and PCC functions; a critical element in a service provider’s requirement to support seamless and rich multimedia services. For those needing to gain an understanding of this service overlay, this course provides a comprehensive technical explanation of how this is achieved. Topics covered include IMS architecture, protocols (SIP and Diameter), Registration, Policy Control and Session Establishment.

Section 1 - IMS Concepts and Architecture

Topic areas covered include:

  • IMS Drivers:
    • Service Drivers, Open Systems and Seamless Mobility.
  • IMS Fundamental Principles.
  • Specifications and Standards.
  • Interworking with Access Networks.
  • Positioning the IMS.
  • Control and User Planes.
  • IMS Terminal Device Requirements.
  • Key Nodes:
    • P-CSCF, S-CSCF, I-CSCF, HSS and Application Servers.
  • Additional Architectural Elements:
    • PSTN Breakout - BGCF, MGCF, MGW and Signalling Gateway.
    • Interworking - IBCF and Session Border Controllers.
    • Multimedia - MRFC, MRFP, Media Servers and Brokers.
Section 3 - IMS Registration

Topic areas covered include:

  • IMS Initial Procedures:
    • IP-CAN Connectivity, P-CSCF Discovery.
  • IMS Identities:
  • Security considerations.
  • Service Profiles and ifc (Initial Filter Criteria).
  • Detailed Registration Process:
    • Including Implicit Registration.
  • Activity: detailed analysis of the IMS Registration procedure using Mpirical’s NetX.
Section 4 - Policy and Charging Control Fundamentals

Topic areas covered include:

  • QoS in IP Networks.
  • Precursors to PCC:
    • 3GPP Release 5 SBLP and Release 6 FBC.
  • Policy and Charging Control:
    • PCC Architecture, Principles, PCC and SAE.
    • PCEF, PCRF, OCS, OFCS, SPR, Gx, Rx.
  • PCC Binding Mechanism:
    • Session Binding, Rule Authorization, Bearer Binding.
Section 5 - IMS Session Establishment

Topic areas covered include:

  • Session Policy and Policy Enforcement:
    • PCC and the Rx Interface.
  • SDP Offer/Answer Model.
  • IMS Session Establishment.
  • Charging Concepts:
    • Offline Charging, Online Charging and Charging Identifiers.
  • Activity: detailed analysis of an IMS Session Establishment procedure using Mpirical’s NetX.

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