Introduction to data communications & networking Training

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  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Level: Fundamentals
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A hands on training course introducing the concepts of data communications, moving on to covering both LAN and WAN technology. Quizzes are used extensively to ensure material has sunk in and to maximise learning time. Hands on sessions ensure that by the end of the course delegates have made cables, built LANS and WANS, configured TCP/IP, switches and routers.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to: Use the seven layer model to classify networking buzzwords. Build and troubleshoot Ethernet, LAN/WAN and WiFi networks Explain the difference between switches and routers. Connect networks with routers.

What are Networks?

What is data communications? What are networks? Types of network, LANs, LAN choices, WANs, WAN choices, PANs, SANs, MANs, connecting networks. Internetworks, the internet, clouds.

Networks and standards

Standards bodies, ISO, ITU, IEEE, IETF, OSI 7 layer refer

The Physical Layer

Transmission media: Copper, Fibre, RF, UTP, Cat 5/5e/6/7..., RJ45, straight and cross over cables. Coax, Fibre cable & connectors, SFP, MMF, SMF, radio spectrum, frequencies, ranges, noise and electrical distortion, repeaters.

Hands on: Cabling, ping.


Definition, Bits, bytes, speeds, simplex, half/full duplex, a/symmetrical, aggregation, latency. Calculating bandwidth requirements.

The Datalink layer

Frames, classifications, standards, LAN/WAN layer 2 technologies (Point to point, virtual circuits).


What is Ethernet? 802.3, evolution from CSMA/CD, choosing cables, topologies, NICs, MAC addresses. Ethernet frame format.
Hands on: Analysing Ethernet frames.

Ethernet switches

Connecting multiple devices, switches work at layer 2, Switches vs. hubs, simultaneous conversations, full duplex, MAC address database, how switches work, switch benefits, loops, STP. Console ports.
Hands on: Switches and WireShark, configuring switches, broadcast storms, STP.

Wireless LANs

Type of wireless network. WiFi, 802.11b/g/n/ac, antennae, interference, 802.11 frame format, CSMA/CA, half duplex, Wireless Access Points, security.
Hands on: Building a WiFi network.


WAN architecture, WAN types, service providers, access equipment, DTE, DCE, core equipment, WANs and the 7 layer model, choosing a WAN.

Packet switched network

Packet switching, virtual circuits, Hub & spoke, partial & full mesh, ATM, MPLS, MPLS and routers, Why MPLS? MPLS-TE, MPLS VPN, Internet VPN.

Service provider technologies

Transport plane, SDH, SONET, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, DWDM architectures, OTN.


Definition, protocols, services, internetworking, the Internet, intranets, IAB, RFCs, IP header, IP addressing, subnet masks, IPv6, TCP, UDP.
Hands on: IP address and subnet mask configuration.


What are routers? Routers vs switches, when to route and when to switch, default gateways, routing tables, static routes, routing protocols. Firewalls, how firewalls work.
Hands on: Router configuration, tracert.


Clients, servers, web, HTTP, Email, resource sharing, IM, VoIP, Video over IP, terminal emulation, ftp, ssh.
Hands on: telnet

  • What are networks?
  • Networks and standards
  • What are networks?
  • The physical layer
  • Bandwidth
  • The Data Link layer
  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet switches
  • Wireless LANs
  • WANS
  • Packet switched network
  • Service provider technologies
  • TCP/IP
  • Routers
  • Applications

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