Managing Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: From $1,053+VAT
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Diversity and inclusion are key to business and organisational success. Evidence increasingly demonstrates that organisations who make the most of their people, by creating a fair and inclusive environment in which people are free to be at their best, are the most successful organisations.

People often ask us:

  • How do I make the most of the people I lead?
  • How do I deal with diversity and inclusion issues?
  • How do I ensure fairness and quality at work?
  • What are my responsibilities under equality Law?

Embracing diversity and ensuring inclusion creates an environment where people are happier, more creative and more productive. It also helps reduce absenteeism and turnover, as well as making your organisation a more attractive place to work.

This one day workshop aims to support you in ensuring that the environment you, your teams and your colleagues work in is fully inclusive and makes the most of the diverse and talented people within it – creating a workplace in which we can all help each other to be at our best.

The course workbook provides a valuable resource for cascading diversity and inclusion ideas to your staff.

The course is aimed at anyone who manages people.

  • Identify the key drivers and benefits for diversity and inclusion at work
  • Explain how unfairness happens in the workplace
  • Identify examples of good and bad practice in terms of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Effectively and confidently challenge inappropriate behaviour at all levels within the workplace
  • Identify how to explore diversity in the workplace, helping empower colleagues to ‘be themselves at work’
  • Commit to actions to increase inclusion and embrace diversity in the workplace

  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. What is diversity/inclusion/belonging
  3. Why it is important
  4. Drivers and benefits for diversity and inclusion
  5. Understanding unfairness – stereotyping and what drives it
  6. Self awareness
  7. Our values/beliefs/biases
  8. How do we think and decide?
  9. How do we react to issues and stress
  10. Bias management in recruiting
  11. Change management
  12. Company action plan workshop for D&I measures
  13. Videos and discussions about D&I
  14. Awareness Tests
  15. Closing

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Classroom / Virtual Classroom
01 March 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
1 Day
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18 October 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
1 Day
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