Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ III Performance and health management Training

  • Learn via: Classroom
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Level: Fundamentals
  • Price: From $2,730+VAT
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This 3-day training covers advanced topics that a storage administrator may encounter after performing the tasks covered in the 3PAR basic courses (HK902 and HK904).

Topics included are: Space Explained, Performance, Adaptive Optimization reporting and planning,

Alerts, Upgrading, and Configuration Rebalancing. Labs are included to reinforce the course theory.

  • Students must have attended HK902 and HK904 and should have managing a 3PAR array for at least 12 months.


  • A storage administrator who has been managing 3PAR StoreServ arrays on a daily basis for at least a year.

  • This training is not for an individual who has no experience managing a 3PAR array.

  • Name the current HP 3PAR hardware offerings and describe virtualization concepts
  • Describe virtualization concepts
  • Explain how space is distributed in HP 3PAR storage arrays
  • Size Adaptive Optimization and work with AO reports
  • Interpret different HP 3PAR performance metrics and how the array's features can affect performance
  • Tune and rebalance HP 3PAR storage arrays
  • Perform hardware and software upgrades
  • Configure, interpret and handle HP 3PAR alerts and notifications

Module 1: Product Overview and Concepts

  • Management Software Options
  • 3PAR Hardware Offerings Review
  • Concepts and Terminology Review
  • Common Provisioning Group (CPG)
  • Virtual Volume (VV)
  • Physical disks

Module 2: Space Explained

  • Data Layout
  • Regions
  • Virtual Volumes
  • Common Provisioning Group
  • System Space
  • Logical Disk Types
  • Understanding Space Allocation
  • Space Mapping
  • Space Reclaim

Module 3: Understanding Adaptive Optimization Region Density Reports

  • Purpose of Adaptive Optimization
  • Adaptive Optimization tiers
  • Region I/O Density Reports
  • Locality of Data
  • Work with AO Using the Management Software
  • Generate and Interpret AO Reports
  • Adaptive Optimization Improvements
  • Sizing an AO Solution

Module 4: Understanding Performance

  • Common Terms and Definitions
  • CPG Best Practices
  • RAID Performance Limitations
  • Caching Algorithms
  • Adaptive Flash Cache
  • 3PAR Thin Deduplication
  • Component Metrics
  • Interactive Response Time Law
  • CLI Counters
  • 3PAR Distributed Sparing
  • System Reporter
  • On-Node System Reporter
  • 3PAR Performance Checklist

Module 5: Rebalancing

  • Rebalancing Concepts
  • Introduction to tunesys
  • Tuning phases and algorithms
  • Tuning the System Using the Management Console
  • Tuning the System Using the CLI
  • Tuning and Modifying Virtual Volumes
  • Considerations
  • Limitations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scenarios

Module 6: Upgrading 3PAR

  • Steps to perform when upgrading
  • Servicing the Storage System
  • Service Processor Onsite Customer Care
  • Repair/replace Disk Procedures
  • Upgrading the Storage System Hardware
  • Upgrading Disk Drives
  • 7000 Upgrade Best Practice Scenarios
  • 7000 Minimum Upgrade Scenarios
  • Upgrading the Storage System and Service Processor Software

Module 7: Alerts

  • 3PAR Events and Alerts
  • Responding to 3PAR Alerts
  • Managing Alerts with the GUI and CLI
  • Managing Events
  • External System Reporter Performance Alerts
  • On-Node System Reporter Performance Alerts
  • SNMP
  • Service Processor Local Notification Service

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