Maximo Application Suite - Manage: Core Data Setup Training

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  • Duration: 1 Day
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04 October 2023
1 Day
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This course is being delivered by an IBM Global Training Provider

This 1-day instructor led course provides students with an understanding of how to create a new Organization and Site in Maximo Manage and discuss the core options available in the Organizations application. They will also be able to create classifications and Location records. Students will learn about topics such as Multi-Organization strategy, GL Account setup and Organization Options. This course also has hands-on lab exercises using a Red Hat OpenShift Maximo Manage environment.

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Consultants, System Administrators, Support, Sales, and Users

  • Describe Multi-Org and Multi-Site strategy
  • Plan new Organization and Site records
  • Create Item and Company Sets
  • Explain the usage of Organization options
  • Configure basic Organization Chart of Account settings
  • Create a Clearing account
  • Create Classification hierarchies
  • Understand the usage of Locations
  • Create Location Systems

Module 1: Core Data Setup Introduction

  • Discuss the Initial data configuration
  • Secondary Data Steps
  • Overview of Users, People and Labor
  • Define basic required data

Module 2: Initial Setup of a Manage System

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Database Setup
  • Secondary Data and Database Setup

Module 3: Configure Organizations and Sites

  • Maximo Data Levels
  • Maximo Sets
  • Maximo Multi Organization Configuration
  • Maximo Multi Site Configuration

Module 4: Using Sets for Data Sharing

  • Describe Maximo Data Sharing
  • Describe Data sharing in a Multi-Organization environment
  • Describe Organizations Currencies
  • Describe Company and Item Sets

Module 5: GL Account Setup

  • Describe Maximo GL Account Configuration
  • Describe GL Account Components
  • Describe Chart of Accounts for Maximo Organizations

Demonstration: Creating Organizations and Sites

Student Exercises: Lab 1 – Creating an Organization

Module 6: Financial Accounts Overview

  • Describe Maximo Financial Accounts Overview
  • Describe Financial Periods
  • Describe Organization Default Accounts
  • Describe Resource Codes
  • Describe Various Financial Account Settings

Module 7: Organization Options

  • Describe Maximo Organization Options
  • Describe Maximo Site Level Options
  • Describe Maximo Work Order Options
  • Describe Maximo Purchase Order Options

Module 8: Defining Classifications

  • Describe Maximo Classifications Overview
  • Describe Maximo Classification Use Case
  • Describe Maximo Classification Setup
  • Describe Maximo Classification Attributes

Demonstration: Creating Classifications

Student Exercises: Labs 2 – Create Classifications

Module 9: Locations and Location Hierarchies

  • Describe Maximo Location Definitions
  • Describe Maximo Location
  • Describe Maximo Systems
  • Describe Maximo Location Setup

Demonstration: Creating Locations, Systems and Location Hierarchies

Student Exercises: Lab 3 - Creating Locations, Systems and Location Hierarchies

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