Practical Steps to Improved Working Relationships Training

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Business/IT working relationships have been troubled since the dawn of the information age. Poor working relationships have a high cost to the organization in many ways. As the interdependencies of business and technology grow, the cost of failed relationships also increases. It is essential that business/IT working relationships undergo fundamental and systemic change if the value of business intelligence is to be fully realized. Almost everyone is familiar with the symptoms, and many of us recognize the problem. Yet few know how to correct the problem. This course offers a systematic approach to address real problems and improve business/IT working relationships through continuous attention to organizational alignment.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • Business and IT executives and leaders
  • Everyone in IT who works with business organizations
  • Everyone in business who works with IT organizations

  • Common symptoms of broken business/IT working relationships
  • Why treating symptoms alone fails to fix the problems
  • How continuous organizational alignment (COA) goes beyond symptoms to correct the root causes
  • The critical elements of successful working relationships
  • The process and activities of COA
  • Tips and techniques to improve organizational alignment in your environment

1. The Business/IT Divide

  • Confusion and Conflict
    • Problem or Symptoms
    • Two Different Languages
  • Historical Perspective
    • Some Old Humor
    • Humor Evolves with Technology
    • More Old Humor
    • And More Evolution
  • The Current State
    • Have We Made Any Progress?
    • The Urgency
  • BI and the Business/IT Divide
    • The Complexity

2. Practical Steps to Alignment

  • BI as the Catalyst
    • Increasing Pressure
  • Practical Steps for Individuals
  • Where to Start
    • Where Are You Now?
    • IT People Become Business Literate
    • Business People Become IT Savvy
  • Practice Steps for Organizations
    • Attention to Value
    • Shared View of Value
    • IT Imperatives
    • Business Imperatives
    • Mutual Imperatives

3.Continuous Organizational Alignment

  • Organizational Alignment
    • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Working Relationships
    • Dimensions of Alignment
  • Alignment Activities
    • Actions and Continuity
    • Identifying Misalignment
    • Aligning Organizations
    • Sustaining Alignment
  • Continuous Alignment
    • A Process Overview
    • Measurement
    • Using the Measures

4. Measuring the Gap

  • What to Measure
    • An Alignment Problem
    • The Human Dimension
    • Quantifying Subjective Things
    • The Details
  • The Basis for a Survey
    • How to Measure
    • The Alignment Survey
    • Using the Survey
    • The Survey Group
    • Collecting the Data
    • Preparing the Data

5. Analysis and Action

  • Analyzing the Data
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, and Risks
    • Using Demographics
    • An Analysis Exercise
  • Taking Action
    • Goals and Tactics
    • Recognizing Barriers
    • An Action Planning Exercise
    • It Takes More than a Plan
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Take it Personally

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Classroom / Virtual Classroom
18 November 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
1 Day
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