Python for Cloudera Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: Please contact for booking options
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Cloudera University’s one-day Python training course will teach you the key language concepts and programming techniques you need so that you can concentrate on the subjects covered in Cloudera’s developer courses without also having to learn a complex programming language and  a new programming paradigm on the fly.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not required.  Since this course is intended for developers who do not yet have the prerequisite skills writing code in Scala, basic programming experience in at least one commonly-used programming language (ideally Java, but Ruby, Perl, Scala, C, C++, PHP, or Javascript will suffice) is assumed.

Through instructor-led discussion participants will learn:

  • How to define, assign, and access variables
  • Which collection types are commonly used, how they differ, and how to use them
  • How to control program flow using conditional statements, looping, iteration, and  exception handling
  • How to define and use both named and anonymous (Lambda) functions
  • How to organize code into separate modules
  • How to use important features of standard Python libraries, including mathematical  and regular expression support

1. Introduction

2. Introduction to Python

  • Python Background Information
  • Scope
  • Exercises

3. Variables

  • Python Variables
  • Numerical
  • Boolean
  • String

4. Collections

  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries

5. Flow Control

  • Code Blocks
  • Repetitive Execution
  • Iterative Execution
  • Conditional Execution
  • Tentative Execution (Exception Handling)

6. Program Structure

  • Named Functions
  • Anonymous Functions (Lambda)
  • Generator Functions

7. Working with Libraries

  • Storing and Retrieving Functions
  • Module Control
  • Common Standard Libraries

8. Conclusion

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Upcoming Trainings

Join our public courses in our Istanbul, London and Ankara facilities. Private class trainings will be organized at the location of your preference, according to your schedule.

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13 May 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
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25 May 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
1 Day
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02 July 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
1 Day
Classroom / Virtual Classroom
10 November 2024
Istanbul, Ankara, London
1 Day
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