Rich Communication Services Training

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This course focuses on the GSMA’s Rich Communication Services global initiative and in so doing provides a comprehensive understanding of the methodologies by which these services will be controlled and delivered across an IMS network. This includes the real-time services of voice, video and messaging, in addition to reviewing how services such as geolocation, converged address book and Social Presence are implemented.

Section 1 - Introduction to RCS

Topic areas covered include:

  • What is RCS?
  • Drivers for RCS:
    • Challenges for RCS.
    • Areas of Consideration for Service Providers.
  • Standardization.
  • IMS Overview.
  • RCS Architectural Requirements:
    • RCS Devices.
    • RCS Implementation Options.
  • RCS Initial Procedures:
    • IMS Registration.
  • RCS Services:
    • Standalone Messaging.
    • IP Voice Call.
    • IP Video Call.
    • Social Presence Information.
Section 3 - Real Time Communications

Topic areas covered include:

  • Real Time Communications in RCS:
    • Basic Architectural Requirements.
  • RCS IP Voice Service:
    • IMS Multimedia Telephony Service.
    • VoLTE Call Establishment (Mobile Originated).
    • VoLTE IMS Signalling Analysis.
    • Mobile Terminated Call.
  • IP Video Calling Service.
  • IP Video Call Procedures.
  • Real time Transport Protocol:
    • RTP Header.
    • RTP Control Protocol.
    • RTP Data Rates.
  • RCS Messaging:
    • Standalone Messaging.
    • Message Delivery Process.
    • 1 to 1 Chat1.
    • Group Chat.
Section 4 - Enhancing RCS Services

Topic areas covered include:

  • File Transfer:
    • Audio Messaging.
  • Content Share:
    • Phase 1 Video Sharing (Ongoing CS Call).
    • Phase 2 Video Sharing (Outside of Call).
  • Geolocation Services:
    • Geolocation Push Service.
    • Geolocation Pull Service.
  • OMA Converged Address Book:
    • CAB Architecture.
    • CAB Procedures.
Section 5 - Social Presence

Topic areas covered include:

  • Social Presence Information:
    • Architectural Requirements.
    • Social Presence Protocols.
  • Distributing Social Presence Information:
    • Subscribing to a Presentity’s Presence Information.
    • Resource List Servers.
    • Watcher Information.
    • Publishing Presence Information.
    • Presence Data Model.
    • Presence Information Processing.
    • Notification.
  • Minimizing Social Presence Signalling.

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