SAP Sales Cloud: SAP CPQ Implementation Training

  • Learn via: Classroom / Virtual Classroom / Online
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Price: Please contact for booking options
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  • This course is designed to grant you a fundamental understanding of SAP CPQ concepts, features, and functionality. It is primarily targeted at Implementation Consultants.
  • In this course, you will learn how to perform a range of common implementation-related tasks and gain an understanding of how they relate to the greater whole. The skills you acquire here will help you contribute positively to the success of a real-life project under the guidance of senior project team members.
  • Participants will be provided with access to SAP CPQ tenants for hands-on exercises that reinforce the material presented. These exercises will be supplemented by a proof-of-concept workshop, where participants will collaborate in small groups to analyze and implement a business scenario from the ground up, based on a functional specification provided by the instructor.


  • None


  • SAP CPQ Playlists on
  • SAP CPQ Playlists
  • Getting Started with SAP CPQ (about 1:50 total duration)
  • Becoming Competent in SAP CPQ (about 1:30 total duration)
  • Advancing in SAP CPQ (about 1:50 total duration)
  • Scripting in SAP CPQ (about 0:30 total duration)
  • Familiarity with the Python programming language is helpful

  • Application Consultant
  • Development Consultant
  • Implementation Consultant

This course will prepare you to:

  • Understand the benefits of SAP CPQ
  • Navigate the SAP CPQ user interface
  • Set up companies, user types, and users
  • Configure categories, products, and attributes
  • Define dynamic content using the Formula Builder and CTX Tags
  • Create configuration rules and triggers
  • Construct custom tables and attribute containers
  • Access data from custom tables using Table and List tags
  • Set up currencies, markets, pricing, pricebooks, and discounts
  • Configure quote tabs and custom fields
  • Generate quote documents and develop document templates
  • Configure an approval process workflow
  • Work with SAP CPQ scripting
  • Add and define quote tables
  • Manage cart fields
  • Work with SAP CPQ APIs
  • Customize the SAP CPQ UI

  • Introduction to SAP CPQ
    • SAP CPQ Fundamentals
    • User Interface
    • Application Parameters

  • Users
    • Supertech
    • Companies
    • Exercise: Creating a New Company Profile
    • User Types
    • Exercise: Creating a New User Type
    • Users
    • Permission Groups

  • Products
    • Categories
    • Exercise: Working with Categories and Sub-Categories
    • Exercise: Adding a Product Type
    • Simple Products
    • Exercise: Manually Adding Simple Products
    • Exercise: Importing Products
    • Attributes
    • Exercise: Working with Attributes
    • Configurable Products
    • Exercise: Creating and Modifying Configurable Products

  • Pricing/Calculations
    • Currencies
    • Markets
    • Exercise: Adding Currencies and Markets
    • Pricing
    • Exercise: Adding Pricing for Products
    • Pricebooks
    • Exercise: Setting up a New Pricebook
    • Discounts and Multipliers
    • Exercise: Creating Discounts

  • Advanced Product Configurations
    • Formulas and Tags
    • Exercise: Defining a Dynamic Part Number
    • Configuration Rules
    • Exercise: Creating a Disallow Attribute Dependency Rule
    • Exercise: Creating a Mandatory Attribute Dependency Rule
    • Triggers
    • Exercise: Creating a Change Trigger
    • Custom Tables
    • Exercise: Creating a Custom Table
    • Exercise: Using the LIST Tag and Creating Scripted Rules from a Custom Table
    • Autocomplete Attributes
    • Exercise: Configuring an Autocomplete Attribute
    • Container Attributes
    • Exercise: Creating and Using Container Attributes
    • Configurable Product Frameworks
    • Exercise: Referencing Simple Products
    • Exercise: Creating a Collection of Configurable Products
    • Exercise: Creating a Product Bundle using Parent/Child System List
    • Exercise: Using Item Quantity in Product Bundles
    • BONUS Exercise: Defining a Relevant Bundle Part Number

  • Quotes
    • Quote Tabs
    • Exercise: Creating a New Quote Tab
    • Quote Custom Fields
    • Quote Item Custom Fields
    • Exercise: Defining a New Quote Item Custom Field
    • Document Generation and Templates
    • Exercise: Display the VAT in a Microsoft Word Document Template
    • Exercise: Adding a Quote Custom Field to a Word Document Template
    • Approval Process Using Workflows
    • Exercise: Creating a Workflow Status and Defining Actions
    • Exercise: Creating and Defining Discounts and Approvals
    • Exercise: Creating an Approval Rule Using CTX Tags

  • Scripting
    • Introduction to Scripting in SAP CPQ
    • Script Workbench
    • Script Workbench Aids
    • API Explorer
    • Exercise: Script Workbench
    • Scripting Basics
    • Exercise: Scripting
    • Scripting Exercise Solutions
    • Quote Tables
    • Exercise: Adding a Quote Table and Defining Quote Table Actions
    • Exercise: Display Quote Table Data in an Excel Document Template
    • Cart Fields Administration
    • Custom Quote Calculations
    • Exercise: Adding a Custom Calculation for Extended Price
    • SAP CPQ APIs

  • UI Customization in SAP CPQ
    • Legacy UI Modes of SAP CPQ
    • Standard Setup Options
    • UI Branding and CSS Changes
    • Responsive Templates
    • Razor
    • Knockout

  • Proof-of-Concept Workshop
    • Configurator
    • Pricing
    • Quote

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Upcoming Trainings

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