Self-Service Success Skills: Moving from Chaos to Collaboration Training

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  • Duration: 3 Days
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In today’s dynamic business world, information is critical and fast information is imperative, shifting much of data analysis from IT to line-of-business responsibility. The age of self-service analytics is here, and the capacity to create and deliver information is growing exponentially. Self-service has great potential, but it also brings challenges of consistency, cohesion, and collaboration.

The once relatively simple world of data warehousing has changed radically in recent years. The trend to self-service BI and analytics substantially increases the number of data stakeholders and brings many challenges for data management and data governance. The big data phenomenon further increases the complexities of data management. In a self-service world we must think about data in an entirely different way – data as a service that is accessed, processed, analyzed, and reported people throughout the enterprise. Self-service data consumers need new data preparation skills to be fully self-sufficient. Traditional data governance methods must be complemented with support for the autonomy and agility of the self-service world. New skills for data cataloging, data curation, and delivering data as a service are essential to realize the opportunities of the self-service age.

The Self-Service Success Skills workshop will cover data preparation, data governance, data curation and cataloging, and how to become a data-as-a-service organization with three days of in-depth, interactive training.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • BI and Analytics leaders – especially those struggling with the paradoxes of data management in self-service organizations
  • Data architects, data integrators, and data governance professionals
  • Anyone interested in data as a service and self-service analytics
  • Everyone who needs to evolve governance practices to work in the self-service world

  • Common challenges of data preparation for analytics
  • Data preparation techniques to improve both speed and quality of analysis
  • Apparent conflicts between governance and self service, and how to resolve them
  • Processes, practices, and technologies that enable effective data governance in self-service organizations
  • Concepts, skills, and responsibilities of data curation, and how curation works with data governance
  • The purpose, content, uses and skills of data cataloging
  • The concepts, principles, and practices of data as a service
  • How to become a data-as-a-service organization

Data Preparation for Self-Service Analytics

  • Data Preparation Basics
    • The What and Why of Data Preparation
    • Introduction to Data Preparation Tools
    • Data Preparation and Analytics Architecture
    • Data Preparation and the Analytics Lifecycle
  • Data Discovery
    • Data Sources
    • Data Sourcing
    • Data Exploration
    • Data Discovery Exercise
  • Data Transformation
    • Improving Data
    • Enriching Data
    • Formatting Data
    • Data Transformation Exercise
    • Data Blending
    • Data Blending Exercise
  • Data Governance
    • Data Validation
    • Data Protection
    • Data Management
  • The Technology Landscape
    • Data Preparation Platforms
    • Products Overview

Data Governance in a Self-Service World

  • Big Shifts in Data Management
    • The World of Legacy BI
    • The Technology Revolution
    • Modern Data Ecosystems
    • The World of Modern Analytics
    • The Magnitude of Change
  • Governance & the Information Supply Chain
    • Data Governance Goals
    • Data Protection in the Information Supply Chain
    • Data Utility in the Information Supply Chain
    • Data Value in the Information Supply Chain
  • Technologies and Modern Data Governance
    • Data Ingestion Tools
    • Data Cataloging Tools
    • Data Preparation Tools
    • Reporting and Analysis Tools
    • Data Lake and Pipeline Tools
  • People, Processes & Modern Data Governance
    • Changing Governance Practices
    • Rethinking Policy Enforcement
    • Rethinking Complexity
    • Rethinking Decision Rights
    • Rethinking Process Rigor
    • Stepping Up to Data Ethics
    • Data Governance as a Service

Curating and Cataloging Data

  • Self-Service Data
    • The World of Self-Service Data
    • Historical Perspective
    • Why Self-Service Data?
  • Data Curation
    • Data Curation Defined
    • Why Data Curation?
    • The Data Curator
    • Data Lifecycles and Curation
    • Curating Big Data
    • Getting Started with Data Curation
  • Data Cataloging
    • What is Data Cataloging?
    • Why data Cataloging
    • The Data Catalog
    • Metadata and the Catalog
    • Data Catalog Tools
    • Getting Started with Data Cataloging

Data as a Service: The Enterprise Data Marketplace

  • Working in a Data-Centric World
    • Information, Technology, and Data
    • Working with Data
    • Data Services
    • The Enterprise Data Marketplace
  • Building & Implementing Data Services
    • Data Marketplace Architecture
    • Data Suppliers
    • Products and Inventory
    • The Storefront
    • The Back Room
    • Services and Shoppers
    • The Technologies
    • The Cultural Shift
  • Beyond Self-Service Data
    • What If … Speculating about the Future

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