TDWI BI Program Management: A Competency Center Approach to BI Excellence Training

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A BI program is a large and complex undertaking with competing interests, conflicting priorities, and simultaneous projects that must be managed from a “big picture” point of view. Program management encompasses the organization, disciplines, and activities necessary to coordinate interdependent projects. And it extends beyond project activities to ensure quality and availability of business-critical information services and continuous support of vital business decision-making processes.

The very broad scope of BI program management encompasses business alignment, value management, quality management, change management, and risk management. Find out how a BI competency center (BICC) approach to program management will substantially increase the impact of your BI program. 

There are no prerequisites for this course.

BI program managers, directors, and sponsors; leaders and managers in BI and business analytics; leaders and managers for enterprise data and information management.

  • The definition and purpose of a BICC
  • The business case for a BICC: value realization, risk mitigation, standardization, prioritization, alignment, agility, etc.
  • Roles and responsibilities of a BICC: assessment, coordination, communication, etc.
  • Organizational structures for a BICC and relationships with other shared-services groups such as data governance council and PMO
  • Steps to creating a BICC, including issues, challenges, and mistakes to avoid
  • Day-to-day activities of BICC operations: end-user support, training, stakeholder communications, collaboration, user group management, change control, etc. 
  • Techniques to sustain, evolve, and mature the BICC

Module 1 – Business Intelligence and Program Management

  • BI Scope and Complexity
    • Stakeholders and Services
    • Functions and Data
    • Processes and Projects
    • Tools and Technologies
    • The BI Framework
  • Programs vs. Projects
    • Definitions and Contrasts
    • Program-Project Relationships
    • The Need for Program Management
  • BI Program Management Responsibilities
    • Business Impact: Portfolio, Value, Capabilities
    • BI Results: Services, Utilization, Quality
    • BI Implementation: Processes, Data & Metadata, Change
    • BI Culture: Stakeholders, Coordination, Communication

Module 2 – Business Intelligence Competency Centers

  • BICC Basics
    • Definitions
    • Purpose
    • BICC and CoE
    • BICC and Program Management
  • BICC Business Case
    • Tangible Benefits
    • Intangible Benefits
    • Quantitative Benefits
  • BICC Technical Case
    • Tangible Benefits
    • Intangible Benefits
  • BICC Functions
    • Program and Project Oversight
    • Data Stewardship and Data Quality
    • Competencies and Resourcing
    • Training and Support
    • Architecture and Infrastructure
    • Vendors and Contracts
    • Issue Resolution and Change Management
  • BI Functions
    • Back-End BI – Data Sourcing, Integration, and Warehousing
    • Front-End BI – Reporting, Performance Management, and Analytics
    • BICC Organization Models
    • Guidance and Governance Models
    • Services Models
    • Shared Services
    • Central Services
    • Self Service
    • Hybrids

Module 3 – BICC Roles and Responsibilities

  • Alignment
    • BI Portfolio Management
    • Planning, Priorities, and Roadmap
    • Agility, Adaptability, and Change Management
  • Impact
    • Range of Services
    • Reach into the Business
    • Utilization and Satisfaction
  • Architecture
    • Business Architecture
    • Information Architecture
    • Data Integration Architecture
    • Technology Architecture
  • Quality
    • Business and Services Quality
    • Information and Data Quality
    • Technical Quality
  • Culture
    • Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration
    • Governance and Stewardship
    • Decision Models
    • BI Maturity
  • BICC Participation Models
    • Ownership
    • Stewardship
    • Advisory
    • Standards
    • Assessment
  • BI Program Assessment
    • TDWI BI Maturity Model
    • A Self-Assessment Technique
    • Using Assessment Results

Module 4 – Building a BICC

  • BICC Charter
    • Scope
    • Sponsorship and Funding
    • Leadership and Stakeholders
  • BICC Lifecycle
    • Stages of BICC Development
  • Organizational Structure
    • Hierarchy and Centralization
    • Collaboration and Distribution
    • Hybrid
  • BICC Job Roles
    • Program Manager
    • Business Analysts
    • Architects
    • Data Management Specialists
    • Designers / Developers
    • Administrators
  • BI Competencies
    • Personal and Interpersonal
    • Business and Industry
    • Leadership and Management
    • BI Design, Development, and Operations
    • Training, Service, and Support
  • BICC in the Enterprise
    • BICC Partnerships
    • Organizational Relationships

Module 5 – Operating the BICC

  • Continuous Operations
    • Day-to-Day Activities (mapped to Module 2 BICC Functions)
  • Growth and Change
    • Evolving the BICC
  • Sustaining the BICC
    • Best Practices
    • Mistakes to Avoid

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