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Managing BI projects is a difficult responsibility that challenges even the most experienced IT project managers. Source system dependencies, uncertain data quality, volatile business requirements, and business urgency are but a few examples among a multitude of challenges. Many kinds of BI projects, ranging from data integration to predictive analytics, add to the complexities—and multiple technologies from data warehousing to data mining compound the problem. With BI projects, there is no project management silver bullet—no "one size fits all" approach to project management. Learn how to choose among traditional, agile, and other project management methods. Then find out how to apply the chosen method for project planning, execution, monitoring, control, completion, and closure.

This course assumes completion of TDWI Business Intelligence Principles and Practices or equivalent knowledge of BI concepts and terminology.

  • BI and data warehousing project managers
  • Business and IT managers with BI roles and responsibilities

  • Why and how managing BI projects is more difficult than managing traditional IT projects
  • How to define a manageable BI project
  • How to choose among traditional, agile, and rational unified project management methods
  • How to combine methods to create a hybrid approach to BI project management
  • How to plan a project with each project management method
  • How to apply each method in project execution
  • How each method supports project monitoring and control
  • How to apply each method at project completion

Module One

Project Management Fundamentals

  • Project Management Basics
  • Project Management Defined
  • Project Management Responsibilities
  • Project Management Terminology
  • Project Management Tools and Technology
  • Architecture and Methodology – Compatibility and Dependency

Project Management Success

  • The Right Balance
  • Deliver Results
  • On Time and within Budget
  • Meeting Expectations
  • With Happy Customers

Project Management Failures

  • Missing Success Criteria
  • High Stress
  • Bad Feelings and Damaged Relationships

Module Two

Challenges of BI Projects

BI Projects vs. IT Projects

  • Lifecycle Differences
  • Methodology Differences
  • Different Requirements
  • Different Stakeholders
  • Business Scope and Visibility
  • External Dependencies
  • Different Skills

Kinds of BI Projects

  • Data Integration and Data Warehousing
  • Query and Reporting
  • Business Analytics
  • Monitoring and Management Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Decision Automation
  • Operational Integration
  • Technology and Infrastructure

Project Management Methods

  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PMI in Greater Detail
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • RUP in Greater Detail
  • Agile Project Management
  • Hybrid Methods
  • A Checklist for High-Quality Requirements
  • Systems Development Tools
  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Service Oriented

Module Three

Defining a BI Project

Project Definition Questions

  • What Will You Deliver?
  • To Whom Will You Deliver?
  • With What Interested Parties?
  • With What Participants?
  • Using What Resources?
  • At What Cost?
  • By When Will You Deliver?
  • For What Purpose or Value?
  • With What Success Criteria?

The Project Charter

  • Forman Project Definition
  • Sponsors
  • Description
  • Statement of Scope
  • Top-Level Business Requirements
  • Business Rationale and Priority
  • Project Dependencies
  • Stakeholders
  • Staffing: Roles, Skills, and Responsibilities
  • Top-Level Schedule
  • Budget and Resource Allocation
  • Success Criteria and Measures
  • Assumptions and Constraints
  • Readiness and Risk Assessment

Module Four

Choosing the Project Approach

Fitting to the Organization

  • A CMMI View
  • Project Size and Duration
  • Kind of Project
  • Level of Readiness
  • Level of Risk

Fitting to the Project

  • Level of Readiness
  • Level of Risk
  • Degree of Formality
  • Traditional, Rational, Agile, or Hybrid?

Defining the Project Structure

  • Lifecycle and Methodology
  • Project Governance
  • Organizations and Teams
  • Change Control
  • Issues Management
  • Document Management
  • Communication and Reporting

Module Five

Running the Project

Planning the Project

  • PMI Planning
  • Rational Planning
  • Agile Planning

Executing the Project

  • PMI Execution
  • Rational Execution
  • Agile Execution

Monitoring and Controlling the Project

  • PMI Project Control
  • Rational Project Control
  • Agile Project Control

Completing the Project

  • PMI Project Closure
  • Rational Project Closure
  • Agile Project Closure

Module Six

Summary and Conclusion

Summary of Key Points

  • A Quick Review
  • References and Resources
  • More Project Management Information


Appendix A

  • Bibliography and References

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