Visualization and Storytelling - Advanced Skills for Communicating with Data Training

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  • Duration: 3 Days
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Communication, conversation, and collaboration – these three C’s are the keys to data-driven business. Data is the catalyst that triggers and inspires the three C’s. Data visualization is a core element of business analytics and business communications. Without visualization, the numbers and statistics of analytics are difficult to interpret and incomprehensible to many who need to turn data into knowledge. Elegant and well-designed data visuals often appear to be easy because skilled visual developers hide the complexities and hard work behind the scenes.

Creating visualizations is only the beginning. Analytics impact depends on visualization skills of two kinds – ability to create visuals and ability to understand them. The real value of visualization does not come from creating visuals, but from understanding what they tell you. With the language of words we learn reading and writing as separate but related skills. Similarly, with visual language we need to learn understanding (reading) and creating (writing) as distinct but related skills.

Data storytelling takes data visualization to the next level. Storytellers are the next generation of business and data analysts. They don't dismiss the value of the quants; they see quantification as the foundation of data stories. Neither do they devalue visualization; in fact, they amplify it’s value by scripting a story with visuals to communicate the what, when, where, who, and why of business circumstances and business behaviors.

The Visualization and Storytelling Skills workshop will cover essential techniques and best practices for data visualization and data storytelling over three days of in-depth, interactive training.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • Business analysts and data analysts
  • Business analytics leaders and managers
  • Anyone who uses data to develop charts and graphs for communication
  • Business managers, decision makers, analysts and other analytics consumers seeking to refine their skills for understanding data visualizations
  • Anyone who creates data visualizations for others
  • Anyone who views data visualizations created by others 

  • Visual design techniques and the components of visualization
  • Visual data exploration and analysis
  • The most important things to look for when viewing data visualizations
  • How to do a “quick read” and a “critical read” of data visualizations
  • To see trends, patterns, and outliers in visual presentation of data
  • To see ambiguity, distortion, and bias in visual presentation of data
  • How to find the stories in data and data visualizations
  • How to support data visualization with narrative and craft captivating and compelling data stories

1. Data Visualization Fundamentals

1.1 Data Visualization Concepts

  •  Data Visualization Today
  •  Data Visualization Components
  •  Visual Cues
  •  Coordinate Systems
  •  Measurement Scales
  •  Visual Context

1.2 Fundamentals of Visualization

  •  Data Visualization Methods
  •  Data Visualization Standards
  •  Visualization with Purpose
  •  Data Visualization Development

1.3 Visualization Techniques

  •  Visualization Techniques
  •  Visualizing Comparisons
  •  Visualizing Proportions
  •  Visualizing Relationships
  •  Visualizing Patterns

1.4 Visualization and BI

  •  Visualization and BI
  •  Analytics
  •  Visual Reporting
  •  Infographics
  •  Data Storytelling

1.5 Tools and Resources

  •  Data Visualization Tools
  •  Best Practices in Visualization

2. Trend Spotting and Pattern Spotting

2.1 Visual Language

 About Language

  •  The Language of Images
  •  Data Visualization Language

2.2 Data Visualization Concepts

  •  Charts and Graphs
  •  Data
  •  Visual Composition

2.3 Quick Reading of Data Visualizations

  •  Finding Context
  •  Looking at the Data
  •  Quick Read Process

2.4 Critical Reading of Data Visualizations

  •  The Source of the Chart
  •  You and the Chart
  •  Reading the Chart

3. Data Storytelling

3.1 Data Storytelling Basics

  •  The Power of Stories
  •  Data Story Examples
  •  Flash Stories #1
  •  The Nature of Stories

3.2 A Data-Driven Business Story

  •  Business Need
  •  Data Selection
  •  Data Analysis
  •  Visualizing the Story
  •  Telling the Story

3.3 Story Crafting

  •  The Dynamics of Stories
  •  Story Framing
  •  Kinds of Stories
  •  Stories that Stick
  •  Stories that Work
  •  Flash Stories #2

3.4 Storytelling Media

  •  Images
  •  Words
  •  Infographics
  •  Animations
  •  Video
  •  Exercise - Crafting a Story of Data Breaches

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