Meet our Cyber Security Training Partner CQURE!

CQURE was formed in November 2008 in Poland, and since that time they have expanded globally. In 2013 they opened a new office in New York, in 2014 in Dubai and in 2016 in Zug. They provide specialized services such as securing IT resources, advanced and customized penetration tests, forensics, controlled cybersecurity attacks, security awareness programs, sessions for organizations and top management, IT infrastructure security consulting and other advisory services.

Right now, at CQURE there are over 30 highly specialized Team Members, performing projects and trainings in the most remote corners of the world. CQURE Academy's services are world-renown and the team has a total of over 300 years of experience in the security field! As Bilginç IT Academy, we are happy to introduce this team of experts with you, who are looking forward to share their experiences and to bring your infrastructure security to the next level. 

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