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What is Data?
Data is any set of information collected and processed for a purpose, mostly analysis. Data usually refers to different pieces of information that are formatted and stored for a specific purpose. Data can exist in a variety of forms: they can exist as numbers or texts recorded on paper, bits or bytes stored in electronic memory, or pages of a book. You can become a Data Analyst by attending one of our Data Analysis courses.

What is Data Analytics?
Data Analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to draw conclusions about the owned information. Many of the data analytics techniques and processes have been automated with mechanical processes and algorithms working on raw data for their intended use. SQL  language, R programming language, and HDP analyst data science framework have also been developed for this purpose.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
Artificial Intelligence analytics refers to a subset of business intelligence that uses machine learning techniques to explore insights and relationships in data. In practice, AI analytics is the process of automating most of the work a data analyst would normally do. Artificial Intelligence analytics often enhances the skills a Data Analyst has, in terms of speed, the scale of data that can be analyzed, and the level of detail of the data that can be tracked.

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