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From Enterprise Linux to OpenShift, Ansible to Kubernetes, Bilginc IT Academy provides all trainings that have a Red Hat logo. All trainings are provided with their latest version, up-to-date content and with our most experienced and authorized trainers.

While being an accredited Red Hat training center, Bilginc becomes stronger with partnership of QA. UK’s largest Red Hat Partner QA offers corporate trainings over 10 years with their award-winning trainer team. UK’s most experienced Red Hat Gurus are now in Turkey thanks to Bilginc!

What is Red Hat?

Red Hat is an US-based, international software company which provides open source software products to corporations. It was founded in 1933 by Bob Young and Marc Ewing and recently it was acquired by IBM, on last July.

Turkey's One and Only Red Hat Kiosk

Bilginc IT Academy is Turkey’s one and only authorized Red Hat kiosk exam center. You can take every Red Hat certification exam you want at our exam center and get the support of our Exam Support Team during your registration. To book an exam contact / +90 212 282 77 00

Red Hat is the world’s leading corporate solution provider which prefers open source to perform high-performanced Linux, Cloud, Containers and Kubernetes technologies. While using essentially open source cloud software operations, nowadays Red Hat is known with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. After incorporating open sourced corporate mid-software vendor JBoss, Red Hat launched a corporate virtualization product; Red Hat Virtualization (RHZ). If you need to know more about Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, RHEL, Linux Kernel (the core of a Linux operating system (OS)), Unix, Kernel or Selinux, take a look at our Redhat training catalogue. We are here to assist you to become Red Hat Certified!

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