2020 Project Management Trends

All the business people want to find a way to manage their projects in an effective manner to boost the productivity of the business and the only solution is to use the methodologies of project management. Day by day new methodologies are adopted by all the software and developers are keenly developing new software to handle the projects and to overcome the limitations in the features of the software. They upgrade the software and release the new version into the Market. The competition is really high among the developers to upgrade the new version of Project Management software.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Artificial intelligence can be applied in any field and it has more and more impact. Today, the results of successful AI applications are clearly visible in different areas: chat bots, smart devices, autopilot...

Al provides real-time scheduling of operations. This means that organizations and project managers themselves can adapt to any changes instantly, depending on the availability of free employees or the wishes of clients. Also, AI contributes to improved decision making at different stages of project implementation. The sequence of actions of the machines organized much better than people. Every complexity in the first place, simplifies the use of machine intelligence. The harder the project, the more benefits you can get from AI. At a minimum, it is an estimate of the process duration, possible risks and the final result. As a maximum - performing tasks in a shorter time.

It is thought that AI will meet the human workforce and people will be unemployed. But this does not seem possible in the near future. Project management also includes a human relationship that a machine cannot copy. Artificial intelligence will help liberate the brain in producing meaningful solutions based on teamwork and collaboration with customers. You just have to accept this development. What needs to be done in project management is to take all the benefits that can be obtained from AI.

Reporting and Data Presentation

Project management includes a lot of data . Project managers are moving on data to handle projects more efficiently and make informed decisions. The use of Big Data in project management, quality management or risk estimation has started to shape the world of project management.

The data collected is used to create how teams are created, the size of the team, how to include and position team members, and to better manage projects. Data analysis has the power to generate a lot of business value if used properly. If you do not like numbers, you can find tools that can do the job for you. Project analysis tools provide strategic parameters that can help you get a complete picture of all project activities. Different tools can be supported to visualize the data. 

Soft Skill Trainings

On the other side of the artificial intelligence equation, we encounter emotional intelligence. Yes, machines can process, learn, and display a lot of information, but they lack a critical component in successful project management : Humanity. Social skills such as emotional intelligence and coordination, teaching and negotiation skills are increasingly recognized as more valuable professional assets. In the World Economic Forum's Future Business Report, "social skills" come to the fore in the prediction of the most demanded business skills for 2020.
Probably you will not get promoted based on your Excel skills and your developers will not praise for your  coding skills. Throughout your career, you should constantly strive to develop human relationships that are critical to running smooth operations and happy teams.

Advanced Project Management Tools and Solutions

Today, project management tools have become an indispensable part of project management. According to a study, 77 percent of high-performance projects use project management software to plan, execute and control all aspects of project management. Project management tools and solutions have always been the factor that changed the game. Below are some ways these tools can make positive changes in project management. Project planning: Uses the data of previous projects to better plan. Schedule and time tracking: Keeps track of time spent on tasks and manages scheduled events, meetings, milestones and deadlines. Communication and collaboration: Allows you to share critical information with team members, customers, stakeholders. Budgets and deadlines: Helps you deliver projects within the allocated budget.

IoT (Internet of things)

IoT is to be connected to the internet with all technologies. It plays a very important role in project management. It helps to monitor and control the task assigned to an individual or team member. In general, IoT, means that devices are connected over the internet to perform their functions, responding remotely to action, especially without any human intervention. Similarly, we can use this technology with your project management software.
The user's action is detected by the sensor and connects to the cloud via WiFi, LPWAN, satellite, Bluetooth. It processes the data to check whether the targeted action, such as mouse clicks, has been performed. If not, project notices or warnings are sent to project managers. As a project manager, a single click from your mobile phone is enough to run the status report on different desktops. It helps to monitor the resources with the help of sensors. Sensors are activated by mouse click to see if the task assigned to any team member is ongoing. It helps real-time productivity. It helps to upgrade the software and finds the historical data of the project. Supports advanced data analysis through rapid reporting.

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