In this article "All You Need To Know About TOGAF", you'll find answers to most frequently asked questions about TOGAF. So here is what you need to know about TOGAF:

What is TOGAF? 

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework for enterprise architecture that helps identify business objectives and align them with architecture goals around enterprise software development. As the most used enterprise architecture framework, TOGAF offers an approach to the design, planning, implementation and governance of an enterprise IT architecture.

What is TOGAF used for? 

For enterprise architects, TOGAF offers a broad range of helpful resources. The Architecture Development Method, which can be used as a project strategy for architectural projects, is the core of TOGAF. It provides detailed insights into the objectives, inputs, activities and outputs. It is also where TOGAF introduces its layers of architecture (business, application, information systems and technology), which are widely reused in very different contexts by diverse companies. Additional content includes an architecture content framework and meta model and the Enterprise Continuum, which is a framework for the structure of all forms of architecture work. 

Is TOGAF certification useful and important?

Yes. Actually, over the past few years, the number of people who are TOGAF accredited has risen sharply and will soon exceed 100.000 certificates worldwide. We have listed 10 reasons why you should get a TOGAF certification, you can find our blogpost here

Is TOGAF exam difficult?

TOGAF 9.2 Combined Level 1 and Level 2 exams are not that difficult and complex. It requires a serious preparation of at least 2 months, and during the exam you need to be careful with your approach. But it’s not that difficult. Bilginç IT Academy’s exam passing rate is very high with over 95% of the delegates passing in their first attempts. 

Does TOGAF certification expire? 

While TOGAF 7 and 8 certification lasts only for 2 years, TOGAF 9 certification has no renewal. So you don’t have to worry about the certification expiry. 

What is a solution architect? What does a solution architect do?

The role of a solution architect is to create a detailed software solution architecture, while providing strategic supervision during the development process. Usually, a solution architect is part of the company’s solutions development team.

TOGAF is the industry standard architecture framework. Like other architecture frameworks, the main purpose of TOGAF is to define the desired future state of the enterprise. Defining the required steps to reach this future state from the present state, is also TOGAF’s goal. 

To define this future state, TOGAF uses ADM - Architecture Development Method. The ADM is the heart of TOGAF. But TOGAF has other parts to support this process, such as, Document Repository, Document Classification, Governance Models, Reference Models and Developing Capabilities. 

There is a process for defining an enterprise architecture. So, why does a company need architecture? 

Enterprise Architecture connects the long-term strategy of the enterprise - as defined by the board directors and executives - into the implementation. It creates an actual plan for implementation. Architect designs the plan, using the ADM process. By working with various managers, architect designs phases to make it happen according to a schedule. Architecture vision is the goal and for the work plan to be implemented, companies need TOGAF. Also, since ADM is so generic, it can be implemented by any company.


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