During the COVID-19 crisis, the transition to remote online working system and what can be done to ensure cyber security are on the agenda. Some security programs have taken action to help organizations better protect their networks. During the COVID-19 crisis, while “quarantines” were created in the world, some technology companies started to offer free services for a limited time. Thanks to this current, the security gaps created by the remote online working system will be eliminated. Some technology companies do not just offer their products and services for free on online platforms; but enabled the vendors to provide support services to the companies during the installation and distribution processes. It should be kept in mind that most of the security programs have a free trial version, although not all of these are available. Payment is required to continue using these online programs after the trial or crisis has ended. Still, it seems clear that the opportunities offered by technology firms are a good way to combat cyber security vulnerabilities caused by COVID-19.

  • Authentication
1Password is password management software. COVID included a 30-day free trial before 19. They removed all trial limits after the crisis. Companies can use 1Password for six months free of charge to manage their login information.

It offers a free three-month Dashlane Premium or Dashlane Business password management product to people or businesses without a password management service.

Okta will offer its Identity Cloud service free of charge to new customers who wish to receive service for six months. If the COVID-19 crisis continues and employees continue to work from home online, Okta has announced that it can further extend its free access service. Companies will be able to adapt the service to a maximum of 5 applications. Free usage service may only be valid for two versions of Okta. Valid services: Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Ping Identity
Ping Identity has started offering 6 months of free service to support companies that have recently moved into the remote system. Services: cloud-based SSO and MFA. The company, which does not bypass its existing customers, has also brought the MFA application for them free of charge.

RSA SecurID Access product provides multi-factor authentication service. The company offers its related products to its new customers free of charge for 6 months. Existing customers can increase the number of users on RSA SecurID Access at no additional cost and take advantage of RSA's Business Continuity Option.

SecureAuth offers the Smart Cloud package, which includes MFA and single sign-on, until December 15, 2020, free of charge. Akamai
Enterprise application is a business continuity assistance program that includes access. Companies can provide 60 days free access to Akamai. The program is designed to support remote working employees and maintain business continuity.

Cloudflare offers zero-trust protection service free of charge for small companies until September 1, 2020. It will also organize a 30-minute participation session with company experts.
  • Remote Management
Addigy provides businesses and schools the device management platform for Apple devices for 60 days. The online platform will allow organizations to remotely update their security settings, software and more.
  • Risk assessment
Illusive Networks
Illusive Networks has begun to offer a free remote attack risk assessment to help identify vulnerabilities in restructured networks to support remote workers. Lucy Security
The agency has created a website with free videos, courses, checklists, and guides to train remote workers to detect phishing scams and other security threats.

SANS Institute
SANS Siner Security Awareness department created the Safe Remote Working kit. The free kit is open to everyone. AppGuard
AppGuard Solo will offer endpoint protection service free of charge to companies that need to support more remote employees for 90 days.

SentinelOne opens its endpoint protection service free of charge until May 16, 2020. The company also provides support services for companies that provide endpoint protection and free access to the endpoint detection and response platform, on how to use the platform.
  • Support concerning health services
Awake Security
The company offers network traffic analysis network free of charge to hospitals and healthcare institutions for 60 days so that ransomware and other cyber security threats do not slow down COVID-19 crisis management.

Bitdefender offers free corporate device protection service for all healthcare institutions for up to 12 months.

It offers free secure email service for companies that need to send HIPAA compliant health and safety email. The free service will continue for 60 days. If the crisis continues longer than the firm predicts, the 20-day free service can be extended. Greathorn
GreatHorn provides a software service that detects and improves threats that may occur through Email Security email. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it provides organizations that have cyber security disruptions in their business processes for free, for 60 days, to reach their online platforms. Beachhead Solutions
Beachhead; Offers cloud-based computing and mobile device encryption, security, and data access control. The company started offering additional free licenses to its customers due to the COVID-19 crisis. With additional licenses, companies will not have to pay a new fee with the increase of remote employees.

It offers encrypted e-mail and file sharing solutions free of charge to critical infrastructure organizations at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. These federal, state and local governments and agencies; first interlocutors and crisis management teams and healthcare non-profit organizations. AppGate
It offers 90-day free Software Defined Environment Plot service to companies that start working at home online.

Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex extended trial versions until July 1, 2020. Cisco Umbrella was launched for 90 days to protect against malicious websites. The app includes Duo Security to authenticate users and build device trust. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client allows employees to work from anywhere.

Fortinet offers the FortiClient VPN solution for free to secure remote access.
  • Remote access
Banyan Security
Zero Trust offers its Remote Access product free of charge for a limited time to its clients who are just starting to work remotely.

BlackBerry offers the secure communication products package free of charge to companies that direct employees to work remotely for 60 days. Free services include BlackBerry Desktop for remote access, BlackBerry Protect for endpoint protection, and SecuSUITE Government for secure messaging and calls.

Ericom offers a free 60-day license of Ericom Connect, which provides browser-based access to business applications, and Ericom Shield Zero Trust for companies with up to 100 employees.

Until July 1, 2020, Manage Engine offers Remote access security tools free of charge to companies that need to support more remote workers. Immuni Web
In addition to its paid products, the company added free services to its system for web and mobile security testing. It has also begun to offer extra free services and solutions to organizations that move workflows to the digital space and meet certain requirements.

Web security scanning tool; government agencies, medical equipment providers, news manufacturers grant free team licenses to vaccine and medical research facilities, patient care organizations, hospitals, first response teams, and certain food delivery organizations.
  • Wireless protection
For remote online working  employees, Minim's four month Home Security and WiFi management platform will be offered to individuals and companies free of charge. Minim platforms; It is said to protect against attacks, ransomware, network attacks and other common malware.

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