Why Are The 5 Most Popular Websites Written With Python?

On the Internet, there are thousands of websites which are built with Python. Python, the programming language founded by Guida van Rossum in 1991, is very popular in the software industry for both beginners and advanced users.

1. Google

As of October 2019, Google has dominated the search engine market by maintaining 87.96% market share. Also, Google has supported Python from the beginning. The founders of Google adopted the motto “Python where we can, C++ where we must”, which means that C++ was only used where memory control was imperative and low latency was desired.

2. Instagram

Due to Instagram’s “do the simple thing first” strategy, Instagram’s software team says that they preferred Python because of its reputation for simplicity and practicality. Also, Python provides generators (from expressions to functions). Generators allow repetitive processing of things, one item at a time. This doesn’t seem too complicated until you start to realize that normal iterative processing of a list requires a list.

3. Spotify

Spotify systems are written in Python because Spotify likes how fast the development pipeline is when writing and coding in Python. All of the recent updates on Spotify’s system use Gevent, which provides a fact cycle of events with a high-level synchronous API. So, it is necessary to mention the speed of Python. The thing is; some amazing work has been done over the past years to improve Python’s performance. The PyPy project aims to speed up Python as a whole.

4. Netflix

Developers at Netflix are able to choose the technologies that best suit their work. Developers are increasingly in need of Python.
Because it has, 
-Rich batteries-included standard library
-Succinct and clean yet expressive syntax
-A large developer community and rich third-party libraries that it can use to solve a particular problem

These features (and more) have led to the pervasive use of Python in everything from small tools using boto to talk to AWS, to storing information with python-memcached and pycassa, managing processes with Envoy, polling restful APIs to large applications with requests, providing web interfaces with CherryPy and Bottle, and crunching data with scipy.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a storage system for all of your photos, docs, videos, and files. Dropbox used Python for everything since the beginning (Rajiv Eranki). In 2012, Dropbox hired Guido van Rossum, the man who created Python, from Google. And since then Rossum is still working at Dropbox, making sure that Dropbox’s Python stack is one of the most efficient in the industry. The strengths of Python were critical to Dropbox’s early and rapid scaling. The rapid development cycle that Python makes possible was crucial on implementing, testing and deploying new features.

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The popular programming language, Python, is an object-oriented, high-level programming language, which is generally used for web and application development. Thanks to its simple coding based on indentations, Python is easy to learn and easy to remember.
Python is one of the 10 most popular programming languages. People choose Python because of its simplicity. The other reasons that make Python popular are: - Readable and Maintainable Code - Multiple Programming Paradigms - Compatible with Major Platforms and System - Robust Standard Library - Many Open Source Frameworks and Tools - Simplify Complex Software Development - Adopt Test Driven Development
Yes, it is and that's why Python has all the features of an open source programming language. And being an open source language, Python community members can make contributions to it.

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