Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way we live by integrating digital technology into all areas of life. Transformation affects both daily life, business life and education life. When we look at business life, digital transformation has become compulsory especially for large and well-established companies. When digital transformation is implemented correctly, a digital future-proof business can be created which is more compatible with customer demands and moves fast. The only way for businesses and companies to create a digital transformation culture: lifelong education. While everything is transformed, education takes its share from digital transformation. Online and virtual trainings are preparing us for radical changes in the education system. Online and virtual trainings will support our lifelong learning and prepare us for success. As Bilginç IT Academy, we have made a huge difference in the corporate IT training sector with our many years of virtual education experience. Our experienced and expert trainers can offer you our online and virtual trainings in the comfort of your home with the vendors' original remote labs. Let's take a closer look at how technology and the evolving education system prepare us for tomorrow's business life!

1. Critical thinking skills

In today's job market; one of the highest skills in employers' wish lists is critical thinking. Employers do not want to spend time explaining how to complete a new task. In order to be successful in the workplace, we must be able to think about the task we are asked for and find the best steps to complete it. Initiatives such as online and virtual trainings, coaching and networking will help you develop a creative and effective work habits in light of the tasks undertaken. With our most up-to-date virtual trainings, you can make a difference in your career and prepare for the business world of the future!

2. To adapt

Nobody can deny the speed of changing technologies. Today, most people are familiar with new technologies before they start using them at work. As technology develops, employees are more willing to participate in online trainings that enable them to adapt quickly to future technologies. Virtual trainings have become essential for home workers to continue their online education and adapt to the new order. To work efficiently from home and add up-to-date technology skills to your career, you can check out our virtual trainings below!

3. Team work

Technology encourages us to cooparate more. It gives us the opportunity to communicate independently of time, location, work on team projects and share our strengths. Throughout our professional career, there will be many situations where we will need teamwork and collaboration. In virtual training activities together, you learn how to listen to your teammates to find the best solution. During virtual trainings, you experience how to work well with others online and deal with conflicts digitally. When you add the skills to use online communication tools effectively to these skills acquired during virtual trainings, you can already be ready for the business world of the future.

Online rograms that you can use to communicate while working from home: 4. Confidence

Technology has another benefit that is not understood enough: Trust. As we collaborate, solve problems, discover new topics and use technology efficiently, we rely more on our knowledge and skills. Trust reminds us that we have the skills and resources we need to develop and advance a solution.

5. Responsibility and ownership

New online educational programs now offer students a tablet, unlike printed workbooks. Many employers provide their employees with laptops or smartphones. Employees are required to accept a code of conduct regarding the tools they have acquired. These rules are essential for the company to protect data privacy and take cyber security measures. You can get one step closer to the business world of the future with virtual cyber security and protecting data privacy trainings to be taken while working remotely.

6. Focus on Career Learning

Because use of technology in the workplace helps employees interact more, trainees learn to enjoy and embrace the online learning process, even if they are not aware of it. As a student searches for answers to new information and questions, he develops a habit of constantly learning. Those who gain the habit of learning constantly seek ways to improve themselves. As a result of continuous education searches, they gain the skills they can use in their personal and professional lives.

In your lifelong learning journey, we continue to organize virtual trainings that you can take from the comfort of your home online to prepare for the business world of the future. Virtual trainings that we offer you for the online technology skills you need while working from home:

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