Python, the elegant and versatile programming language, has steadily climbed the ranks of popularity, making it a prime choice for both beginners and seasoned developers. Its adaptability in web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and various other domains has cultivated a vast online community sharing insights, tips, and techniques. While there's a plethora of blog websites dedicated to delving into the intricacies of Python, we've sieved out the top 8 for you. Each of these blogs promises a treasure trove of information to enrich a Python developer's journey. 

However, while these resources are invaluable, the most structured and comprehensive pathway to mastering Python remains our specially curated courses. That's why, at the end of this article you'll find a list of our Python courses. 

Dive in, explore, and elevate your Python prowess!

Top 8 Python Blogs To Follow in 2023

We have listed the blog sites that Python developers benefit the most. Before browsing this list, let us remind you that there are many Python-related articles on the Bilginç IT Academy blog. You can easily access all content by typing "python" in the search bar on our site. 

1 - Planet Python

Planet Python is a central hub in the vast cosmos of Python development. It aggregates content from a multitude of Python-related blogs and websites, providing developers a one-stop destination for the latest insights, tutorials, and discussions in the Python community. Its popularity among Python enthusiasts stems from its rich diversity of content, sourced from both prominent figures in the Python world and grassroots developers. Instead of hopping between different blogs, developers can simply visit Planet Python to stay updated with a broad spectrum of Python topics, making it an invaluable resource for both beginners and experts alike.


2 - Talk Python

Talk Python To Me is more than just a podcast; it's a rite of passage for Python enthusiasts. It stands as one of the most influential platforms for diving deep into the world of Python. With a keen ear for the pulse of the community, the podcast covers a myriad of topics, from the intricacies of Python development to the broader tech ecosystem it interacts with. Featuring interviews with industry luminaries and hands-on developers, it bridges the gap between theory and real-world application. For Python developers, tuning into "" is both an educational experience and a celebration of the language and its vibrant community.

3 - Mouse vs. Python

The Python Library blog, hosted at "", stands out as a beacon for Python developers looking to deepen their understanding of the language. Crafted meticulously by Mike Driscoll, a well-regarded figure in the Python community, the blog delves into a plethora of topics, providing readers with comprehensive tutorials, reviews, and in-depth explorations of Python's vast ecosystem.

Mike also hosts and interviews different Python developers on his blog. These guest articles called "PyDev of the Week" are also very interesting.

TOP 8 PYTHON BLOGS - 20234 - Real Python

If you are a beginner, Real Python is one of the best resources you can find. In this website, you'll find Python tutorials, learning paths, quizzes, a community chat where you can communicate with other Pythoniastas, and many podcasts. You can learn so much about Python using this website, starting from scratch. Everything from web programming and web scraping to data visualization and beyond, including the very fundamentals of Python. 


5 - Full Stack Python

Full Stack Python is another website that provides knowledge about various Python-related topics. Unfortunately, this blog isn't quite up-to-date, the latest blog post was published 2 years ago. But still, you can find many interesting and helpful articles on this website. Full Stack Python also offers a lot of resources about Django. 


6 - The Invent with Python Blog

The Invent with Python Blog is a testament to the power of Python as not just a programming language, but as a gateway to creativity and innovation. Curated by the talented Al Sweigart, renowned for his best-selling book "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python," this platform offers readers a dive into the delightful world of Python through engaging tutorials, thoughtful insights, and inspiring projects. Sweigart's knack for making complex ideas digestible and fun shines through in every post. Whether it's game development, automation, or simply mastering the basics, the blog encourages readers to 'invent' and explore the limitless potential Python has to offer. For aspiring coders and seasoned developers alike, The Invent with Python Blog serves as both a learning hub and a spark for imagination.


7 - Python Software Foundation

In addition to supporting and facilitating the creation of a varied and global community of Python programmers, the Python Software Foundation's objective is to promote, safeguard, and advance the Python programming language.

You can find news from the Python Software Foundation on their blog page. Since it is a blog that is updated very frequently and delivers the latest news to its readers, we strongly recommend that you visit this page in 2023. 

8 - Microsoft Dev Blog - Python

To read the latest updates about all things Python at Microsoft, you can visit this blog page. Offered by Microsoft, many well-regarded figures in the Python community such as Courtney Webster, Jeffrey Mew, Jay Miller, Dawn Wages, and Soojin Choi writes on this blog. Especially if you are using Python in Visual Studio Code, this website will be a very useful find for you. 

Top Python Programming Courses For You

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