We are making difference in our virtual trainings with our reliability in the IT training sector and the quality of our trainings. With our virtual trainings, we offer our customers much more than real classroom training. During our virtual trainings, we use the remote lab environment provided by our international partner. Thus, we provide our participants with a virtual training experience in which they get maximum efficiency. Discover our virtual trainings, with the advantage of expert instructors, original labs and specially created classrooms.  

Less Spending More Training

When you provide training to your employees, you should consider the time that they will be away from their jobs, hotel expenses, airfare, car rental, services, food expense and the other expenses.  These expenses don’t include training expenses. Your training expenses increase sharply, it means that you may not be able to provide training for your employees as much as you want. 

Virtual trainings are the real classroom experience that comes where you want. You or your employees may participate in a virtual training from the comfort of your home online. In this way, you can reduce the time that your employees’ stay away from the office.

A part of your Firm Culture; Virtual Training

Leading companies in the industry have realized the value of trainings on the business. According to the report published by IBM, companies which devolop their team skills achieved their aims by 90%. In industry leading companies, 84% of employees receive the trainings they need, in the  underperformer companies only 16% of employees receive the trainings. 

Virtual trainings make trainings  more accesible and usable. Thus, sustained learning process creates by virtual trainings. By providing reachable trainings to your working area and promoting employees to enroll, you allow your teams to learn the business techniques and practical knowledge they need to be more effective in their business. 

Discover the advantages that offered by your company

Leader companies in the business world, know that investing their own employees causes to a competition superiority. A large number of technology companies and IT departments have professional development programs. However, because of the heavy working schedules they are not able to benefit from these advantages. You should take the advantage of all training opportunities that will benefits you. Person to person and online trainings provides you to learn topics deeply. And the certificate that you receive will create opportunities in your business.  

Alongside of your daily work, your company has a technology roadmap that will affect your future. Making a request about trainings at the right time requires you to stay connected with the aims of your firms. By following your company’s technology strategy, you should request trainings from your company. By keeping your knowledge up-to-date, you will show your company both initiative and dependence. Moreover, you can even cause significant changes on the company. So, you can show your commitment to your company’s longevity.

Many companies focus on training for improving employees’ job skills. In some cases, some employees are choosen to follow new technologies. If you are noy chosen employee by your company, and you cannot convine your employer about this, you should show how continuous learning turns employees into innovative individuals. 

As a Habit; IT Training

Just like an exercise routine or a healthy eating habit, training can become an inseperable, regular part of your life with some devotion and repetition. Start small, spend one or two hours per week in the training. Prefer a topic that interests both you and your company, and begin with online trainings. If you’re trying this, you cannot keep your scheduled training hours, try going to a different, silent room or take your laptop to somewhere else away from your working zone. 

You'll want to update your CV and your profile in social networks with new qualifications and certificates. That's why you will want to create a new training habit and gain new effective skills.

Join Virtual Trainings Whenever You Want

Offices which are remote from home, locations of branches, home office workers increase corporate training programs’ expense and challenges. Thanks to virtual IT training opportunity, you provide a lot of opportunities for even your most remote offices to receive the training that they need.  Even if your employees situate in technology centers, they can prefer to take th trainings from the comfort of their home or office.

Discover Flexible Training Hours

Classroom trainings require traveling from your home or taking a couple of days of your working time. Person to person classroom training provides many advantages but you don’t have to travel for classroom training experience. Fortunately, there are several options that fit almost any working program. Virtual trainings offer training options for you that you can participate from anywhere and anytime you want. Moreover, virtual training method provide technical and practical training and opporunity to get certification. 

Every Trained Employee

Companies around the world are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. And the aircrafts are one of the biggest producer of carbon emissions. Traveling 500 miles per month generates 2.91 tons of carbon emissions annually. Less travel would require 14 new trees to be planted and matured for 20 years to offset the generated emission. If a company sends just one employee per month to training, it could easily exceed 500 air miles. Companies which want to reduce their carbon footprint can make gain by minimizing air travel. You can protect the Earth by choosing virtual training instead of classroom training.

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