Each team and organization is unique and one of a kind. Isn't that what makes being Agile Coach so interesting? One of the hardest things about becoming an Agile Coaching is being objective and looking forward. 

In 2021, the number of Agile Coaches seems to increase considerably. We've discussed 6 life-saving tips for Agile Coaches and Agile Coach-to-be’s! 

Be clear about Scrum roles! 

Many Agile teams are constantly struggling to properly fulfill various Scrum roles. For example, many Scrum Masters are determined to hold frequent meetings but are unable to challenge their teams. IT managers who focus solely on controlling their team rather than facilitating and guiding them, do not really understand the Agile methodology. Likewise, some Product Owners cannot even trust their own products. There are so many more examples!

If you too are facing these issues, you can find the solution in clearly defining Scrum roles. You will see that this definition oil the machine, so to speak. Productivity will be stimulated and the success of the team will be visibly increased. 


Be specific about your expectations! 

When you are in a process of change, it is vital that you clearly share your expectations with your team. You have to explain very clearly what you expect from them and what you do not want to see. In this way, the effect of change will be understood more accurately and you will get the whole team into the change mode. 

Let the team decide what to change and how to change it! 

It is your job to ensure that the team understands the Agile methodology correctly and implements it. Make sure they take responsibility for continuous improvements. It would be a big mistake for the team to think they're making these improvements for someone else. Make them feel that they are doing the change and improvements for themselves. 


Make time for trainings! 

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is to assume that everyone is fully educated. Do not exaggerate the knowledge of the Agile team members. They are constantly improving their work, not their Agile knowledge. Don't expect your team members to be as interested in Agile methodology as an Agile Coach like yourself. You can come across, in any company, to Agile developers who do not know the Agile Manifesto or employees who have become Scrum Master without any training. Although companies organize trainings for all their employees early in their Agile transformation, there may be team members who missed these trainings because they joined the team later. Good trainings and workshops are always beneficial and they ensure that teams are clearly conveyed to what is expected of them. 

Remember that your business priorities will always change!

Organizations that are new to Agile attach great importance to teams at first - which is the right attitude. When the teams are well organized, they direct their attention to the communication of the teams with each other. It is important that every small Scrum team becomes a part of the big structure of the company. Later, the continuos delivery becomes the most important issue. If you are already an Agile Coach, you have already observed this process. Remember that as you go through these natural processes, your focus will constantly change and you need to adjust your business priorities. 

Do not miss out your team’s success!

Of course, you should always be critical and consider possible improvements. But you shouldn't ignore your team's success while being perfectionist. Share their (and your) successes with them, the company, and people around you. This will seriously motivate both you and your team.


If you're thinking about becoming an Agile Coach or organizing Agile / Scrum trainings for your team in 2021, contact us! With our Internationally Recognized certification programs and 26 years' experience, we are here to assist you. 


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Agile Coaching is to help corporate teams train on Agile Methodology. Some of the Agile Coach’s responsibilities are to monitor the development of employees, help the organization achieve its goals, guide teams through the process and encourage employees to adopt Agile Methodology. Agile Coach enables the organization to create its unique practices by teaching new techniques and tools.
The role of the Agile Coach includes helping teams and individuals adopt Agile Methodologies and methods in their work process. Agile Coach aims to provide better results, solutions, products, and services by making a team more efficient, transparent, and bonded. Agile Coach does this not by using a particular method as a substitute for other methods, but by guiding people to cope with business challenges smarter, faster, and with less risk.
A professional Agile Coach guides the Agile transformation journey of leaders and teams in the Agile transformation process. The goals of an Agile Coach in an organization are to raise awareness about Agile Methodologies, teach agile techniques and metrics that support the acquisition of new attitudes and habits, have them practice, offer new perspectives, enable them to develop creativity in their work life.
The Scrum Master role is primarily responsible for the proper implementation of Scrum. By ensuring the correct execution of Scrum, the main purpose is to increase customer satisfaction and productivity by providing mindset transformation in line with Agile Values and Principles. On the other hand, Agile Coach focuses on leading the transformation to become an organization that is more productive, more competitive, increased customer satisfaction, and responding to changing customer needs in line with Agile Values ​​and Principles.
Agile Coaching is more about who you are and what behaviors you model than any technique or idea you bring to the team. The powerful silent effect of who you are, how you act, and how you reflect Agile values ​​in your every move should not be underestimated. Through your existence, you impose a long-term impact on people, teams, organizations, rather than perfectly applying all of the Agile Methodologies. In order to grow as a servant Agile Coach, you should be honest with yourself and make an effort to change your style and also should have a high awareness and be in control.

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