Today, technology is not just a part of the business process; technology is the core of business models in any sector. In order to adapt to the ever-evolving and changing technology, companies must have the ability to learn continuously and turn this learning into business results quickly. Our partner corporate online IT training platform Cloud Academy stands out from traditional training models with bringing a modern, practical, effective and scalable training system with leading companies. Virtual trainings that employees can attend from the comfort of their homes and save their time and money.

Cloud Academy has a large training library with many vendors such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Python, Cyber Security, IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data. All training packages are supported by original laboratory environments of vendor's. You have the opportunity to practice in the original laboratories before applying the trainings you have received in real life. While you are practicing in the field you want to specialize with Cloud Academy training packages, you can test yourself with trial exams and prepare for certification exams. Our experienced trainers quickly answer the questions that you have during the training process. You can customize the trainings offered by Cloud Academy in the light of your needs, bring your team together and gain the knowledge and experience that will take you to the next stage.

Thousands of companies in more than 140 countries prefer Cloud Academy's online trainings to keep their competitive advantage. Through this innovative online training system, we have accumulated hundreds of success stories as a result of partnerships with companies. The transformation story we have completed with a globally leading technology company, started with the company's Human Resources Specialist looking for alternative ways of training transformation in their companies.

"I discovered that I can respond to training requests from my team with more effective methods different from classroom training." Human Resources Specialist

The company's Human Resources Specialist expressed her acquaintance with Cloud Academy with these sentences. These sentences evolved over time into a success story.

‘‘We determined in which area the teams should specialize within a certain period of time, and set specific goals for them. We have prepared plans that can meet our goals. The contents were very important. We determined the most up-to-date versions of the trainings needed by the teams by establishing partnerships with experienced trainers. Everything seemed understandable on the platform prepared for the end user and we started our trainings the next day. Before the training, we chose a responsible leader for each team among our team. Thanks to the support teams, where team leaders can ask questions during process management, no team leader questions have been left unanswered. We completed our in-company training transformation in 6 months. More than 250 employees completed their training in this process. When we support the trainings of the participants with specific plans and dates; we discovered how we can achieve efficient results. Employees had the opportunity to practice real life while receiving the most important certificates in the industry. ''

With meticulous work, needs-oriented training plans were prepared. The plans were clarified with predetermined dates. Team leaders selected among the trainees also gained leadership experience while receiving their training. Participants who completed the learning, testing and implementation stages were successfully qualified for their certificates. After the process ended, the most valuable feedback came from the participants.

“It was very valuable for me to expand my business skills deeply and to have a certificate that I can describe myself more easily as a result.” IT Process Development Specialist

 "As part of our institution, I gained a leadership experience while practicing real life cases at the same time. Now, this process has shown me what I want to do in the next period." System Network Specialist / Training Team Leader

As Bilginç IT Academy, we offer innovative training options to support the continuing training needs of our participants as a result of our international partnerships. What we have accomplished with our partnerships shows us that there is no limit to learning when the right materials and plans are selected. The fact that both broad and deep technology skills are compatible with the needs of organizations increases the strength of the corporate online IT training platform Cloud Academy. Trained staff can access hundreds of applied laboratories and thousands of training materials from anywhere, at a click. Like leading companies on a global scale, you should also prefer Cloud Academy and it's online trainings if you want to create special paths for your teams and want to control their progress. With the support of our expert trainer team, you can create a group for your team and see how many hours each participant has developed himself/herself. You can create exercises for them in the lab and observe their success by preparing special exams.

Contact us to complete your digital transformation and write a success story with the innovative training opportunities offered by Bilginç IT Academy!

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